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  1. tHe_sTiG

    Do I need to polish my car?

    Hi guys, My VZ Commodore Executive has the factory quicksilver metallic paint. I'm just wondering if I need to polish / wax it every now and then, or if this sort of paint doesn't need polishing. If it does need polishing, which brand do you recommend, and how often should I polish it?
  2. ANL53X

    [VT-VX] Polishing the plenum on your ecotec

    I have never liked the look of the ecotec motors without the engine cover on. It is just plain ugly, with the wires for the injecters and the shape of the plenum. So i decided to have a go at neatening it up by polishing the plenum. As you may know, the plenum on the ecotec's is quite rough...
  3. C

    VL calais rocker removal and polishing

    hey could anyone explain how to remove the rocker on a VL calais... i am planning to strip the remaining paint off and polish it up. What is the best way to do this? i need a hand, can anyone help?