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  1. st3r3otyp3

    [General] VT-VZ Cabin filter mod.

    As you may know pre VE commodores don`t come with cabin filters, cabin filters can be a great asset for asthma sufferers pollution worry wort's and the cleanliness of your interior as it traps dust, pollution and pollen before it get pulled into the HVAC system, they have been common place on...
  2. djdomohudson

    What are these marks?

    Hey, I was without my car for about two weeks and when I picked it up it was filthy. You know what mechanics are like, leaning on your white commodore with their dirty oily gloves/hands and stained clothes... But the problem is in the picture here They are sort of orange brown in...
  3. MovieDude

    Pollen Filter for an SS VE

    I get unwanted smells and odours entering the cabin even when the recycle button is pressed (on my 2007 VE SS) and the service centre told me it's because I don't have a pollen filter. Is this part easy to fit for the average diy person and where can I get instructions or a workshop manual?