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pontiac g8

  1. Fu Manchu

    Fix for VE VF Sunroof leak

    Posted today by one of my favourite youtubers, Peter Anderson. Just a great guy. I like the cut of his jib. Anyway, he had a leak in the VE and had to find what was turning it into an indoor swimming pool. Do yourself a favour and watch some of his other videos too. Some good old school...
  2. M

    Pontiac G8 exactly the same?

    I am looking at one of these kits from Canada to give me remote start VE Commodore Calais (V8 engine). Pontiac G8 2009 | Remote starter, bypass module and alarm system | Fortin Were the electrics/security changed when they rebadged the commodore as a Pontiac G8? Does anyone know if a kit...
  3. Major Herbie

    Pontiac G8

    After changing my mind way to many times, I'm looking to buy one of those "Limited Edition SSVs" that looks like a Pontiac. Only problem; once I get it I'll need to change it and put on Pontiac badges etc. I know some of you will call me a moron for changing the Holden badges like the...
  4. J

    New guy from the states..

    Completely forgot I had gotten a membership with you guys on here till I found a good search for a trunk mat lol. Anyways, I own a 08 Pontiac G8 GT which is like y'alls car but the American version lol. Heres some pics.. ^ the trunk has been de-badged since that was taken Few...
  5. ModySLR

    Recalls around the world for Commodores, Luminas and G8s

    Hello. I have been searching for recalls regarding the commodores around the world and I found this: 1. Road Safety Recalls Database 2. Search for a Recall | Safercar.gov | NHTSA for the second one you have to select year, car make then model. (year "2007-2011"/ Pontiac / G8)...