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  1. G

    Question on Polishing inside of Plenum and Intake Manifold (Runners) on 3.8 Ecotec

    So I am planning to Polish the inside of my Plenum chamber and Intake manifold (Runners) on my 3.8L Ecotec engine. I am going to accomplish this with some wire wheel's (with extended shaft) and a rotary tool. My question is; when I go to do the inside of my runners, do I do the complete inside...
  2. Beny

    l67 wat to do?

    Hey guys just got a 2nd hand low km l67 to put in my vs. The plan is to leave it out for six months whilst i build it up to be a super 6.Im thinking so far is heavily ported and polished heads with new valves ,springs ect. Water to air intercooler.yellaterra snout upgrade with 12psi pulley.And...