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power steering fail

  1. J

    2014 VF SS Aircon failure

    Has anyone experienced issues with their aircon? We had issues in the first 2 weeks of a leak and this was replaced along with the carpet on the front...but today we just spent $420 on having our aircon fixed as it needed a regass and a hose replaced. It started blowing hot air about a week ago...
  2. KrisHolden

    Sudden Loss of Power Steering WHEN DRIVING

    Holden Calais V MY14 Today, on rainy day, I was entering a corner at a sensible speed when all of a sudden as I turned the steering wheel to the left to keep in my lane, a error displayed showing something along the lines of: Power steering assistance unavailable. Service Power Steering With...
  3. D

    Power Steering Issue

    Hey everyone, Have a VR calais and in getting it ready to sell, gave it a service (oil+filter, cleaned the engine down, e.t.c) and put in a new power steering pump. The pump went in fine, no more leaks and mostly a lot easier and smoother turning. But after taking it for a test run when pulling...
  4. T

    lost all power steering on 95 vs statesman.

    hi. i need some help figuring out whats wrong with my power steering on my 5.0l vs statesman.. ive got no power steering what so ever, theres plenty of oil in it and no leaks.. i was driving along normally and my steering went all loose for a bit, then went completely rock solid, i can barely...
  5. S

    VR No power Steering at idle ~700

    Recently my pump became no more and failed on my power steering. I went and bought a replacement pump from the wreckers and fitted it to my car. Now when ever i'm in idle no power steering but with a little revs it's back. When i first turned on the car i left the cap of and turn the steering...