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power steering pump

  1. J

    Issue, looking for o-Ring size for high pressure power steering hose connection to pump, VT V6

    I’m replacing my power steering pump this arvo and I have no ide what size O-ring you are supposed to install when replacing the old one, it’s the O-ring that sits on the high pressure hose connection to the power steering pump, thanks, I have a VT V6 series 2 executive
  2. S

    Power steering pump

    Hi all just wondering if a vz power steering pump fits a VE Calais
  3. A

    VT Holden Commodore 1999 Power Steering Pump Removal

    Hey, I'm looking for some help on how to remove the power steering pump out of a Holden Commodore VT 1999 model. It's my step fathers car but he's asked me to remove it. As this is my first time attempting this I was hoping for either some pointer or detailed instructions on the removal process...
  4. B

    how do i remove power steering pump ?

    I have a 2007 ve omega 3.6L alloytec V6 and i need to replace the power steering pump, how do i do this???
  5. -chikxxVPcalais

    VP Calais - VP Exec power steering pumps, same or different ?

    just wondering if theres any difference between a vp calais (with variable steering) power steering pump compared to a vp exec pump (non variable steering) the exec one fits correctly on my calais, but the outlet looks a little different.. the hole is smaller on the pump that came off my car...
  6. V

    2006 WM statesman V6

    Hey guys i wasnt sure where do i as kthis but i thought ill try it here. I got a loan from Holden dealers in cranbourne and got a car from them, and that was like 3 months ago and my power steering pump broken so i booked in to have a look at it and that, and the guys said the pump is on a...
  7. G

    VX Power steering struggling and groaning at low speeds

    Hey guys, I have an issue with the power steering in my VX (Ecotec V6). It has gotten worse recently, basically when I'm not moving, the power steering is near dead, I essentially cannot move the wheels. WHen I'm travelling slowly (5kmh) it struggles, and is a pain to move. As you can...
  8. thebot123

    Bad Problems with Power steering!

    Gday guys, having a bit of a problem with my 93 VP, basicly my car has been sitting around for a couple of months without rego, i decided to start driving her again and when i started her up power steering fluid started leaking really badly from the top of the power steering pump, i got told by...
  9. topdzl

    VT LS1 Power steering pump

    I need to replace my power steering pump, and when I replace any part in my car if possible I would get a better one. So are there any good power steering pumps which might be better than the original one. Turn one has some good pumps but I don't know which one could be the one for my vt...
  10. N

    Whirring Noise - Power Steering Pump???

    I have a whirring noise on my vs 97. I went to the mechanic and he said you need the water pump replaced and the belt tensioner replaced as well as a single bearing. He said there is a noise coming from all three. I replaced the belt tensioner and water pump as well as the bearing myself...
  11. M

    power steering pump cutting in and out

    the power steering pump is cutting out on my vt and ive been told my steering rack needs replacing. my power steering comes and goes but locks up after driving out of town where im not turning as often ive been quoted $750 to fix these things does that seem right?