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power steering

  1. C

    Power Steering Pump Failure

    Hi all. I own a 97 VS SS. The power steering became shitty and I had it checked by a shop and they said the pump and high pressure line were leaking. I rebuilt the pump with a seal kit and the old seals were hard and brittle. I haven’t replaced the HPL yet however the car was still fine to drive...
  2. J

    Issue, looking for o-Ring size for high pressure power steering hose connection to pump, VT V6

    I’m replacing my power steering pump this arvo and I have no ide what size O-ring you are supposed to install when replacing the old one, it’s the O-ring that sits on the high pressure hose connection to the power steering pump, thanks, I have a VT V6 series 2 executive
  3. O

    Using a VR V8 HP Power Steering hose on a VS V8??

    Hi! I'm in a bit of a pickle right now. I have a VS Calais V8 Series II and the power steering failed while I was around the corner from my place, a few weeks ago. I had noticed the pump was whining for a while when I turned the wheel, and since technically the pump is easier to try to...
  4. V

    Power Steering Problems

    Newbie here, looking for help with my power steering. Recently bought an ex-police VE, my neighbour helped me restore it to factory but then he did a choice burnout in it, the PS shat itself, and now hes too busy to fix it. I've read plenty of similar threads but I'm still not certain enough of...
  5. zeropalooba

    Rebuilding power steering rack VS Acclaim

    Hi all, I have the rack from my VS acclaim almost completely disassembled. I did this because it's been leaking and also has an internal leak. I don't know how to remove the rack from the housing in order to change the seal between the left and right sides. Has anyone done it? I've removed the...
  6. Boof_94

    Braided oil line vt-vx

    iv been hunting high and low through the threads but haven’t had any luck in trying to find anyone who’s done it, I’m in the process of upgrading all my lines to stainless steal braided lines. Now just wondering is there push lock an-6/8 fitting that are push lock onto the power steering pump up...
  7. B

    Weird Power Steering issue

    So recently I had the flooding issue after moving the car onto the road. Eventually got it started and it was happy days, then after warming up I heard a really bad whine. Popped the hood and seen power steering fluid bubbling out quickly from the reservoir cap. The whine is constant with the...
  8. T

    Ve commodore power steering

    Hey got in the car the other day and power steering is very stiff on low revs, one im going it runs normally ? Any ideas on what it may be ? Dont really drive the car to hard so nothing to do with bad handling.
  9. M

    Power Steering Issue

    Hello All, Just had to drive my mates VT around the block for something, i noticed his steering is dramatically lighter than mine. The basic are, i have bigger wheels, he is wagon and mine is sedan, i had my rack replaced about 2 years ago, his is original. Could this be just normal? or is...
  10. W

    VH SLE Power Steering Hard Lines Trouble

    Hey all, I've recently purchased a VH SLE (factory 6cyl) that has had a 308 swap done at some stage and I'm having a bit of trouble with getting the power steering hard lines installed. The previous owner left the 6cyl hard lines in there before doing the engine swap and sold as unfinished...
  11. A

    Power steering failure at high rpm

    Hey guys, I've just had an engine replacement in my sv6 and everything is going well except for one thing... I am experiencing a loss of power steering at high rpms and when it does happen it is extremely hard to turn the wheel at all (more than compared with old cars with no power steering)...
  12. E

    Power steering fluid capacity?

    I'm trying to fix my steering shudder by completely draining and replacing my power steering fluid. Does anyone know the capacity of the power steering reservoir plus the piping?
  13. Commo_Carl


    So, I've already rebuilt the power steering pump for the crazy custom turbo ute (click here to see the rebuild how-to) Now I've finished the setup off, with new lines, a filter and a cooler Check out the video here, hopefully helps some of you out and/or gives you some ideas ;)
  14. M

    Variotronic Power Steering Pump vs Standard

    Have heard rumour that the Statesman/Calais (Variotronic) Power Steering Pumps differ to the Standard Commodore ones. The AC Delco catalogue seems to confirm this with different part number listed for Standard/Variotronic Pumps. Can anyone confirm this? Issues is VS Statesman 5L: The...
  15. M

    VS Statesman Variatronic Power Steering Heavy

    Had heavy steering in my VS Statesman (not insanely heavy but certainly not feather light as they should be). Auto electrician noted it was throwing an Power Steering "open circuit" code, plus the rack leaked PS Fluid so I replaced the rack with one from a wreck I had. The new rack has made the...
  16. M

    VN HP Power Steering Hose Removal - Help!

    Hi im trying to replace the HP Power steering hose but I am not sure how to detach it from the rack. It has a large metal band around the end. Any advice would be appreciated.
  17. V

    Power Steering Need Help Please!

    Hello guy's me again :/ sorry to annoy you.. the other night when i pulled back in my driveway i noticed my steering is tough as all ####... at idle it is hard as rock but when revved a tiny bit it get's a little better (manageable) and when going a few KM/H it's ok still not the same :( it is...
  18. Ricky_

    VX Power steering rattle/clutter

    Installed a new rack because old rack was leaking and 1 month later steering is making a weird rattling noise. Only happens when stationary or reversing also happens when the engine is cold or hot ,all fluids are fine and no leaks.Suspension bushings all good Steering is little bit stiff...
  19. G

    VX Power steering struggling and groaning at low speeds

    Hey guys, I have an issue with the power steering in my VX (Ecotec V6). It has gotten worse recently, basically when I'm not moving, the power steering is near dead, I essentially cannot move the wheels. WHen I'm travelling slowly (5kmh) it struggles, and is a pain to move. As you can...
  20. A

    Advice neeeded :)

    Hi there, I'm usually pretty good with with mechanical things but im just not to sure about this one. I have a power steering leak coming from the HP hose, im thinking that the O rings have gone and thats the reason. Would i be best trying to replace them myself or just take it to...
  21. thebot123

    Bad Problems with Power steering!

    Gday guys, having a bit of a problem with my 93 VP, basicly my car has been sitting around for a couple of months without rego, i decided to start driving her again and when i started her up power steering fluid started leaking really badly from the top of the power steering pump, i got told by...
  22. J

    Need quick advice on VN

    Hey i just need to know the best way to get the ball joint off my power steering rack going to the strut so i can change it, its never been taking off in its life and its a real pain in the ass any advice?
  23. H

    VS Holden power steering (and other problems) 14 point check

    Hi Guys, So I have a 1996 Holden Commodore VS and recently took it to Pedders and got a 14point check because the power steering was making a grinding noise. Car has come back home and has failed quite a few things, the overall cost is quite expensive for parts and labour. Found Repco has...
  24. aussie1612

    Power steering convert?

    Hey guys. I just bought a vl that does not have power steering. This isnt a massive concern, but im just wondering how difficult the process is of putting in a power steering unit. And do you think its worth it? I have been told that when you convert it to power steering, you lose all feeling...
  25. T

    Just bought VR need some advice

    Hey everyone! I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to cars and so I have a few questions about the VR commodore I bought today. Didn't even know where to put oil in the engine till my man showed me :hmmm: It drives fine, I noticed it needs a wheel alignment or balance (don't know the...
  26. bazinga

    Power steering leak on 5litre

    ok just found out my vn 5litre has a massive power steering leak and its leaking under the left side of the motor (so other side of where you put the fluid) now my cars to low to get my jack under there so i cant have a good look to see where it's coming from so i am wondering on that side of...
  27. 1

    New VX Commodore parts required

    I need to replace the front shocks, engine mounts and the power steering rack on my VX Acclaim and am wondering where would be the best place to buy good quality Commodore parts. Is there anyone out there who just specialises in Commodore parts.
  28. P

    Recon power steering rack

    has anyone rebuilt a power steering rack on a vu before? same as vx and vt. iv got her in pieces. iv got the recon kit, i cant pull the shaft out, iv got it to the point where i can see the bearing in it but cant pull it out, there must be a pin or something, i am not sure if i have to seperate...
  29. J

    leaking fluid

    I've just recently bought a VT S, and have noticed some fluid leaking from under the car. I don't know much at all about cars and I'm not going to pretend to. This is the first car I've owned, so hoping someone could help me out. The fluid seems to be odourless and pretty much just like water...
  30. M

    power steering pump cutting in and out

    the power steering pump is cutting out on my vt and ive been told my steering rack needs replacing. my power steering comes and goes but locks up after driving out of town where im not turning as often ive been quoted $750 to fix these things does that seem right?
  31. S

    power steering creaking

    I have a VR SS and the steering is creaking when I turn the wheel I just had all bushes replaced and a 28pt inspection from pedders and they said it needed a good power steering service but was otherwise really good any help would be appreciated
  32. VRV6BT1

    fluid coolers, how to?

    Hey, I just purchased both a trans cooler and power steering cooler off ebay. I want to install the trans cooler in-line with the output of the cooler in the radiator. 1. Is there a kit I can buy to connect up to the standard connectors? 2. Does anyone know the best way to install it...
  33. VZ57SSZ

    [Help] Power Steering what the?

    hey guys my mate has a problem with his VR the steering has become a lot heavier and the power steer unit makes some noise even when the car is on idle and gets a lot louder when you turn the wheel also the steering will not return example if you come around a right corner and let go of...
  34. Timoshii

    Weird Sound

    Hi all, I was recommended to this forum by a work mate and thought i would give it a whirl. I have this issue with my '94 VR Commodore Wagon, when I turn a corner at > 40k's I get this weird grinding sound. Its only happening when I turn right tho which is the strange thing. I have been...