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power supply

  1. M

    VY Cigarette Lighter Removal

    Hi, New to the site and absolutely love it! I have just hooked up a Clarion VX00A 2Din touch screen and then put in a power inverter and PS2 :) but i want the power inverter to run power off the back of the cigarette lighter. does anyone know how to romove them? Does it just clip out or do you...
  2. LordDingustine

    VR Ute : Tray Panels

    Hey guys LAst wk i was unscrewing all the panels off the tray (on the inside) and most have nothing in them at all... but there are two about half way back, both are little ovals about 6 cm long and have wat I can only assume is a power supply or something in them... Not 100% sure but if...