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power window fault

  1. A

    power windows problem

    in the process of getting my vt on the road. one of the problems with it is the power windows don't all work. left side windows work (front/back) but the right side windows don't work. i've pulled the drivers door power window motor out and wired it to the battery and it works, both directions...
  2. C

    Power Window Driver's Side Not Working VS Calais/Commodore

    Hi, My driver's side (right) power window does not move up in my VS Calais. How could I work out whether it is the switch or the window regulator before taking everything apart? Or could it be another issue - the glass not being on the tracks? The switch makes a ticking noise, the circular...
  3. A

    Rear power window goes down but won't come up

    Hi Everyone! my rear window went down but wouldn't come up. The rear switch works perfectly fine. I tried it on the other door. I took off the door trim, tried moving the wire harness, banged around, nothing helped. I hear a click when I press the switch down, but nothing up. This got me...
  4. S

    VR statesman driver window problem

    Hey guys my driver side power window only goes up when it wants to, I've changed switches, regulator and fuses. All other windows work just not drivers side. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. L

    VS power windows

    Got a problem with my power windows will go down, not up. Only drivers door was working sometimes sporadically. Any thoughts?
  6. B

    sterio and trip metre wont turn off /a power window problem also

    hey fellas, i was wondering if anyone could help me with this..evan after i stut my vq off n take the keys out the ignition my trip metre on the dash and my sterio stays on?can anybody help me with this...and i have a slight power window problem also lol i had a prang in my car last yr and now...
  7. W

    Power windows and middle console buttons!!

    i dont know if its a big fault or not but my power windows only work sometimes and my passenger window button is stuck and i dont know how to remove the middle console so i can put it back in place. any ideas please tell me:confused::confused: