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power window

  1. B

    Power Window Issue

    My drivers side window is not working. I’ve replaced the regulator & switch, fuses are good. Any idea what else it could be?
  2. V

    Power window fix

    How do I remove power window motor out of passenger side rear door ?
  3. A

    power windows problem

    in the process of getting my vt on the road. one of the problems with it is the power windows don't all work. left side windows work (front/back) but the right side windows don't work. i've pulled the drivers door power window motor out and wired it to the battery and it works, both directions...
  4. C

    Power Window Driver's Side Not Working VS Calais/Commodore

    Hi, My driver's side (right) power window does not move up in my VS Calais. How could I work out whether it is the switch or the window regulator before taking everything apart? Or could it be another issue - the glass not being on the tracks? The switch makes a ticking noise, the circular...
  5. ebonymarie

    Power window problem

    Okay so I'm having problems with my drivers side power window in my VR Calais. We have recently replaced the whole engine loom. And now the drivers side window doesn't work properly. We have noticed that there is a click under the dash somewhere when the car has been turned completely off. If...
  6. munty

    Power Window Troubles VS

    Been lurking these forums for years getting answers to my problems, just decided to make an account. I have a VS Sedan with power windows. right side drivers window would not go up or down, replaced motor at the mechanics to find it will only go down now and not up. So i was told a new switch...
  7. D

    Power Window Conversion in a 98 Executive

    Hey Guys (and possibly girls) I've decided that i'll keep my VT for another two years before i upgrade and one thing that has always bugged the living **** out of me was the manual windows. I have been sifting through the various posts on here about conversion, problems, fixes, and the...
  8. M

    VX II Power Windows

    Im trying to put power windows into the VX Series 2 i have, at the moment i know i need to up grade my current Low-015 bcm to a Mid-212 or Mid-013 (found out that from Holden) I also know my car main body loom can support them because i have located the big plug for the power window controls...
  9. M

    Leather Trim

    I got a vy executive and was getting the Berlina Leather seats with door panel, I think its gonna be a easy swap but the only question arises is of the rear door panel , as i got manual window at rear , so what do you guys reckon , can the trim be modified to fix the handle or do i need to...
  10. F

    [VR-VS] How to change power window switch lights

    I'm intenting to change most of the illumination in my car to blue, rather than the ugly holden green, and given that one of my power window switch lights was out, i decided it was a good place to start. Cheers to Hozy for suggesting using 3mm LED's, they worked a treat. Also, before we begin...
  11. C

    need a new VL power window mechanism...can anyone help!

    hey, i just got an '86 VL calais and iv been working on it a bit. the major problem i am having with it is that one of the arms that move the drivers side power window has snapped. i have taken it to a mechanic and the told me that the easiest way to fix it is to replace the whole mechanism...
  12. B

    door lock button - drivers side

    Anyone successfully removed the door locking button from the drivers side door of a VS?? I have everything else off ... now just need to get the locking button off and my workshop manual describes a snipper tool that has to be fashioned out of wire to be slid down the left hand side to...
  13. K

    Power window Rivet broken

    On my drivers door of my VS one of the rivets has broken that holds the regulator. The window tips over when I try to use it. The regulator flex's etc when I use it. Is there an easy way to fix this?