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power windows

  1. S

    Help ve ss 2006

    Windows door locks suddenly stoped press remote indicators flash.front windows stuck down an cant open back doors
  2. R

    Rear power windows only work from the centre console

    Hi all, When I bought my 2008 VE commodore SV6 in August all the power windows were working fine, however a problem that I just noticed today (I don't usually have people in the back of my car) is that the rear power windows do not work from the door switches, only the centre console switches...
  3. B

    VY front windows not working

    G'day guys, I'm new to all this so here i go... I've recently picked up a clean vy executive and the front windows aren't working at all. When i press the button, i can hear a very faint click but that's it. Both the rears work fine. I've replaced the switch block for a new unit and still...
  4. C

    Power Window Switch Question VS VR VP VN

    Is it possible to swap the Left Hand (Passenger side window switch) into the Right Hand (Driver's side window switch)? The reason is to check if there is a fault with the driver's side switch or if it is another issue. The driver's side has the safety lock switch. Is there another type of switch...
  5. C

    Power Window Driver's Side Not Working VS Calais/Commodore

    Hi, My driver's side (right) power window does not move up in my VS Calais. How could I work out whether it is the switch or the window regulator before taking everything apart? Or could it be another issue - the glass not being on the tracks? The switch makes a ticking noise, the circular...
  6. Glen88

    Swap doors from vt commodore w/power windows to vx w/out power windows

    Hey guys, i just bout a 2002 VX commodore today, it doesn't have power windows, or power seats fitted but i have a 2000 anniversary vt, i was wondering if i would be able to simply swap the doors and center console controls over from the vt onto the VX, the same with the power seats. My...
  7. J

    Convert manual windows to power windows VT Commodore HELP?!

    Okay guys/girls, im intending to start a little project converting my manual windows to electrical windows, ive recently bought 4 new leather door trims but dont fit manual windows its to fit electric windows, so i though why not convert it? i think i will need a motor and regulator for every...
  8. M

    Trouble with Power Windows!!!! HELP!!

    Hi peeps, I'm having trouble with my power windows, From the right hand driverside I can put both left windows down front/back but I cannot put them up from the main switch on driverside.... I have to lean over and put the windows up from the lefthand doors switchs front/back... Ever since I...
  9. D

    Seeking a knowledgeable Auto Electrician

    As the title says i am Seeking a knowledgeable Auto Electrician to install my power windows for my VT Executive 98. I have almost all the parts for the install. - 4 x Regulators - 4 x VT Series 1 Door Looms - 1 x Main Switch - 2 x Rear Switches - 4 x Power window door trim The thing i am...
  10. M

    VX II Power Windows

    Im trying to put power windows into the VX Series 2 i have, at the moment i know i need to up grade my current Low-015 bcm to a Mid-212 or Mid-013 (found out that from Holden) I also know my car main body loom can support them because i have located the big plug for the power window controls...
  11. M

    Rear Pass window stopped working after wiring

    Gday All, Today I was installing some 6x9inch in the rear parcel shelf, and after removing door trim and running the wires underneath the carpet, and screwing door trim back down, my rear passenger power window has ceased to work, both from the main switch in the front seat, and the...
  12. pricey3682

    Power window regulator wanted!

    hey guys today i removed the power window motor and regulator and also replaced my door lock in the process. Pulled the motor apart and gave it a clean up and got it working again. In the process of testing the motor and reg assembly together, the reg snapped where it had been previously...
  13. M

    VN BT1 existing power windows and mirrors wiring harness

    hello. sorry if this has already been covered but i am a newbie to this forum. I recently bought a VN BT1. I was wanting to fit power windows and mirrors to it but dont know if there is an existing wiring harness for these or where they an option? The rear door trims have the cut out for the...
  14. J

    [VIC] Vs power window front door trims.

    Hey guys in the middle of putting some power windows in my vs series 2 S ute and need some door trims without holes for window winders DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: vs front power window door trims LOCATION: warrnambool Vic 3280 CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  15. D

    Power Window Problem

    My front passenger side window is coming up on 45 degree angle. Any suggestion as to why this could be happening? And is it easy to fix and how do you go about fixing it?
  16. BakeTheTank

    Installing Power Windows in rear seats of a 2004 VYII (Sedan)

    Hey Guys, first post on here so bare with me! Im looking to install power windows in the back of my car (there is already power and switches in the front) I know that I need the 'Wiring Looms' and a LHS & RHS back window electric regulator. I think I've seen the regulators for sale on some...
  17. V

    Kill Switch Mod With VN Power Window Child Lock

    hi i was thinking of getting two drivers side VN Calias Power Window main switches but wiring the passengers side child lock as a kill switch wich wires do i re-direct and is it possible or will there be interference
  18. Jessie VT

    Jessies VT Calais

    Hay all, So, my power windows haven't been working for a while now, at least the drivers side doesn't open, beyond the point were u can pry it even now, and the others all open at different paces, i was just wandering how to fix that problem and if it can be done, i tried taking off the door...
  19. VT_Cruiser

    Power windows fail when engine is running

    Hi guys, hope you maybe able to answer something that is strange with a VT Series II SS commodore is have just purchased. I love the car, but the power windows fail when i am driving around. When the engine is off and accessories turned on the windows (all 4) work perfect, however start the...
  20. A

    Few quick VX questions?

    Hey guys i just got my 2002 VXII S today from a private sale. Not a bad price id say, 135000kms, full S pack options, 10 months rego and great condition (my grand dad is a holden mechanic, he checked it for me) all for $10k. Just a few things i want to ask, id ask my grand dad, but its a bit...