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  1. L

    Cam package

    Hey guys I have a Ls1 vy calais with a few small mods nothing internal an thinking of doing a cam package but just don't know what I'm really in for I don't use the car as a daily so I am looking for something quite lumpy was just wondering what is a good cam kit to go for and roughly how much...
  2. L


    Hey guys first time poster was just wondering how much power anyone would think my car would be making as this is my first v8 and I haven't had the time to get it on a dyno! But it is a vy calais ls1 Mods list is •mafless tune •vcm otr •pace maker extractors •2.5 inch exhaust with hi flow...
  3. JSV6

    VF SV6 Catback

    Hey guys, I want to know if I will lose power putting a 3” catback exhaust on my stock SV6. For those wondering, the brand of the 3” catback is Empire Performance. Advise that I am not going to do a tune after putting on the exhaust. I know slapping on an exhaust without a tune on my SV6 will...
  4. Gw33dz

    VX Commodore Another Power Window Dilemna

    G'day. Bought a second hand VX S Pac. Had a drivers window problem. I bought new window regulator sliders and went to install them. Both of the old sliders were snapped but the drama is this... The window was stuck down but the regulator arms with the ball joints on the end were extended all...
  5. A

    VFII Boot battery change with 12V power outlet

    Hi Guys/Girls, I have a VFII SSV Redline and attempting a simple job of replacing battery. All good except had a 12V outlet fitted as a dealer option. I can not workout how to unmount the socket from the bracket so I can remove the panel that covered the battery. I've checked out the install...
  6. RiffRaffMama

    Best spot to tap a new rear cigarette lighter in to?

    My front cigarette lighter is a pain in the ass. It keeps shorting out on something and blowing the fuse and you know, 10 amp fuses don't grow on trees... no, it's more that it's a pain in the c*nt to get to the back of to remount it properly. And when I do, it'll be fine at first, but the first...
  7. M

    12mm vs 25 mm manifold insulators for LFX

    Hey all. Looking to grab some manifold insulators for my 2013 lfx. Not sure to get 12mm or 25mm. Would there much of a difference? Please help
  8. N

    SV6 LFX High Flow Cats?

    Hi, I have a LFX sv6 auto thats already been MAF tuned with 185rwkw (everything stock) I've been wanting to make that bit more power and be a little louder so I looked into getting some high flow cats. Will they be worth it? and How will it affect the sound of my car on the stock system?
  9. Adrian's Vr

    VR restrictor

    So wikki says a stock vr v6 makes 130kw so i removed the restrictor in the plenum, added a cold air intake (with K&N) and sports 2.5" exhaust and it manual, adding vy injectors too. So because the forums is a good place does anyone know a rough estimate that it may make now? Maily how much kw is...
  10. Nickjankz

    Electric passenger seat conversion

    Has anyone out an electric passanger seat in a car that didnt have one standard? I'm trying to find a power source to get a clubby r8 seat working in a maloo. Put the drivers one in and it powers up no worries. Passanger side doesnt seem to. From what Ive found out no maloo had a electric...
  11. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Electrical problem? Troubleshooting help?

    Hey all, long term lurker on the forum. I own a 2001 VX Berlina, all is stock on the vehicle besides my Fusion sub (built in amp), a Kenwood KDC-U346 unit and my VY SS rims. I've never had any issue with the car until the last couple weeks when I noticed my sub stopped working. I hadn't had the...
  12. T

    VZ no power when accelerating

    Hey guys / girls It’s a 2006 VZ V6 Aloytech LEO 4 speed auto ute. I’m currently haveing issues when accelerating. I can accelerate normally/ gently but as soon as I need to take off quickly or accelerate heavy while already moving nothing happens. It drives normally but anything over 2,000...
  13. K

    3.6L sportswagon power?

    anyone have any ideas on how to push abit more power out of a 3.6L sidi sportswagon with out spending tones of money.
  14. Cameron Leary

    VX Commodore mods P plater edition

    I'm after ideas for what I should do with my commodore for a bit more power It's stock as a rock I'm the third owner. All I've done to it is replaced the front hub bearing and spent about 1500$ at the mechanics on bullsh#t. So far I've come up with > k&n filter > new or bigger throttle body(mech...
  15. D

    VF Sportwagon UHF install | Retained accessory power (RAP) | Surveillance mode

    Hey guys, I've got an SV6 sportwagon and have a remote head UHF. I have 3 questions that hopefully someone has come across. 1. Is there Retained accessory power in the boot with the battery to power the radio? 2. Is there a grommet or a way to get the coax through the firewall to the boot? 3...
  16. V

    VR HDT Statesman

    Hey guys just bought a vr statesman and was going through receipts when I found receipts for some hdt work down at bill Lee autos. Only thing it said was new gearbox to hdt specs but I also found dyno sheets from a few years later claiming 150rwkw which seemed a little high for a 5 litre. Has an...
  17. M

    N/A power

    First off, this is purely about n/a ecotecs. If your here to tell me to turbo or supercharge the engine for any 'real' power gains then please, do me a favor and take your oppinion to another thread. I'm building an ecotec to drop into a gemini which is going to be qld roadworthy. So nothing...
  18. T

    Mystery power cut out, already changed the basics

    Gday guys ive got a weird problem i can't get to the bottom of, me VT runs nice but would randomly cut out and not start. I changed the alternator and starter motor then gave it a jump as my bat was flat. It only just cranked over then immediately cut out when i took the jumper cables off. I...
  19. N

    VX Power Windows Losing Power

    Needing help with power windows, ever since I bought my VX keeps losing power. Front passenger just stopped working over time (had to have RAA to supply power to lift it back up and he said it's not getting power) now all of them go up and down very slowly. Does anyone know exactly where the...
  20. N

    Installed Power Windows in my VT without BCM - Schematic / Pinout

    Hey, I installed a power window from a VT Berlina in my VT Executive because my manual winder broke. I did search the forum, but did not find the right answer so just putting this here for future reference as it might help someone. I didn't want to swap the entire wiring loom because that...
  21. J

    Vt Catback exhaust.

    So I have around 300 to spend on a cat back exhaust My Christmas present Thank you mum .. Iv looked around on ebay and currently just have a stock exhaust on. Shes a v6 so she only has the one cat on it and I cant really afford high flow twin cats and a new set of headers I'm looking...
  22. B

    VZ wagon randomly losing power, then fuel leak minute after ignition stop

    Hi, I'm hoping someone has some idea what's going on with my car. I'd really appreciate if anyone can help to figure out what's wrong with my car, so thanks in advance for any info you can provide. I don't know enough to do much to fix or diagnose this myself, but hoping someone can help me...
  23. danbran

    vs ecotec power mods and tune

    i have just starting making my duel throttle body (yes i know it doesnt do much) but i got all the parts for $30 and i can make the rest for free so i thought i may as well! But here is my question, if i put the MAF sensor in still will it run ok? i can imagine there would be some catch or...
  24. danbran

    VS ute twin throttle body, and power mods?

    Hi, ive just started to modify my ute! its fair good condition and i want to start making parts! I am in the middle making a twin throttle body for it with modified intake out of alloy! when it is finished I need some advice! whats next? do i get a tune? do i wait to put new rockers and...
  25. A

    Varex wiring

    I have a VE sv6 and im stumped on where the hell a grommet is to feed the power wires from the mufflers into the car? Anyone help please!?
  26. W

    VX LS1 Power Steering Pump cuts out when engine in low revs

    Hi there, Firstly, thank you in advance to those who are able to assist me with my query. I have a VX Calais International with an LS1 motor, and whenever I'm trying to park the car - it's like the power steering just cuts out. I've got plenty of fluid in the power steering reservoir, no...
  27. A

    Ve ss cam recommendation for all round benefits

    I would like to know what cams there are out there for all round performance and economy for my VE SS 06 Manual there are heaps of automatic cam recommendations on here although not any manual ones that I have found I'd like to know what cam is going to give all round performance, I don't...
  28. J

    earth problem. Help

    Hi Guys. Have just installed a Power Train reversing camera system with distance sensors from Repco. Box that monitor, camera and sensors plug into is mounted in the boot with 3 power wires coming from it. Black to Earth, Yellow to Reversing Lights power and Red to Power Source. Disconnected...
  29. G

    VE Calais - No Acceleration

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had come across this issue before. Currently, I have a 2008 VE Calais - V6 with 160k on the clock. I noticed over the weekend that the gear changes seemed a bit rougher than usual. The gear changes seemed to have more of a jerking/snapping feel, this was...
  30. L

    Ve Sv6 Ute Help?

    Hey Guys i recently have joined this forum. I am going to be buying a Ve Sv6 ute in a couple months and just need to know what are good performances upgrades for it ? Exhaust? Cai? Diff Gears? Cams? Extractors idk where to start so any help telling me whats going to improve torque and Kw's...
  31. Nathan_Arby

    Fuse problem on amp power wire

    Hey all, I re-did all my amp wiring today as i got a nice new sub recently and needed beefier wiring (4ga) for the amp.. Problem is, every time I reconnect the battery, it blows the positive wire fuse to the amp. It's gone through three brand new fuses, a 60A and 2 120A fuses. I've checked the...
  32. W

    car audio information.

    Hi guys, Just out of personal information gain i was wondering could someone tell me in depth about how ohms work now i know a fair bit about electronics and car audio but i never really have had to look in to ohms it was only the other night when i was looking for a new amp for my splits...
  33. J

    [LS1] Best Performance Mods i can make to my gen 3 5.7l LS1?

    money is no problem i wanna go all out, im just looking to go crazy and see what beast i can produce and i want opinions on what you all think are the best performance mods out there. links to websites, lists and anything like that are greatly appreciated. Im thinking pistons and rings, push...
  34. B

    Power not reaching fusebox on steering wheel stereo fuses 16 and 23

    Hi all first thread :) And firstly i have searched alot and cant find an answer.. (have always found everything before hence first thread :) ok well i was wiring an aftermarket head unit to my 2002 vx clubsport when i shorted it out... (which was something stupid i now fixed) went to...
  35. derjizm

    EOI: Power Window Delay Module

    Ive made and fitted a power window delay module to my VL. It keeps the power on for 2 minutes after the key is turned off. I tell you its bloody awesome! I was sick of turning the key off and removing it automatically after driving, only to have to put it back in and turn it on again just to...
  36. W

    Sidi V6 Power?

    Does anyone know roughly how much power i would get with a full performance exhaust like headers, extractors and what not all the way back, vcm otr cai, manifold insulators, mace cams and mace tune? just want to know if its worth spending like the $4000 it would cost happy to drop that in to...
  37. W

    VT/VX Cluster Pins

    G'day, Anyone know which pins on the back of a vt/vx cluster need wiring up to power it up while out of the car? As well as get the back lights to come on. Cheers!
  38. V


    Recently i have swapped an engine over from a vy commodore into my vt commodore i had to change all the wiring and stuff, but its all good. it runs good, but it feels like the car has less power.. ive been told that it might need to be put onto a dyno for a tuning.. has anyone else got any ideas...
  39. W

    Procharger P-1SC-1 and D-1SC-1

    G'day Is anyone here running either one of these pro-chargers on an LS1-fitted VX/VT? If so, what kind of power are you making and what does it feel like to drive? Cheers.
  40. derjizm

    Power Window Technical Support

    Hi guys, I'm trying to convert to power windows in my Berlina but Im having problems. I have done lots of testing and Im quite sure the main switch is the problem, but I have thoroughly cleaned it with hydrochloric acid. The drivers window is the only one Im having problems with. Does...