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  1. onca

    YA oil pressure sensor question: Which one to buy?

    Hi Commodore Lovers, My VZ Failtec is getting the dreaded "check engine" error, my mates checker says it's the oil pressure sensor, now I'm getting intermittent "check oil" warnings even though oil level is good and no leaks, not running like a tractor, etc. (Don't worry I've been thru the...
  2. L

    VE SSV Oil Pressure Gauge 1-3-5

    Hi All. Couldn't seem to find an existing thread and I don't see it in the manual. Are the numbers written on these oil pressure gauges arbitrary or do the mean something? 1 - 3 - 5 Bar perhaps? Thanks
  3. N

    Fuel Tank Sucking and collapsing in...

    Hi, the vehicle in question is a 2002 holden commodore vx v6 with 201000 on the clock. My main issue is when the fuel cap is screwed in to place the fuel tank immediately starts to suction in. This is easily visible by looking underneath at the tank and seeing the tank rise off its brackets...
  4. B

    VR Trans Problem

    I own a VR Exec S2 Wagon. I had a secondhand auto trans installed beginning of last year, no recon, I've been having problems recently with it, it struggles to change from 1st to 2nd, but gets better when warmed up, the speed sensor display has stopped working and the lights on the trans...
  5. JSVSouth

    Effects of wrongly inflated tyres

    Hi guys, Recently I noticed my stock 3.8 auto had been absolutely guzzling the fuel. I checked the trip computer, and it was giving an average consumption of 21l/100km which is ridiculous, considering I never rev it over 3000rpm. After a couple days of grandpa driving, it went down to...
  6. P

    vs 5L autometer oil pressure guage install help

    hi guys just got an auto-meter ultra lite electric oil pressure gauge and just want to know how you guys have installed the sender as i dont have enough room to put it where the original one is as its too long and hits the alternator? any particular adapters i can use or just a matter of getting...
  7. nes138

    VS Calipers VT brake booster???

    So I have a completely custom build (FC Holden) and running VS calipers all round and was given a VT brake booster and brake lines. What implications can I expect with this setup? Cheers
  8. ZiShan

    A/C Performance Table for VZ V6 (Berlina)

    Hi Guyz, I'm looking for VZ A/C Performance table similar to the one I attached below. This table in the attachment below is extracted from the service information manual for Chevrolet Lumina 2007 which I believe is also known as Holden Commodore VE. According to my information after...
  9. ZiShan

    A/C Performance Table for VZ V6 (Berlina)

    Hi Guyz, I'm looking for a VZ A/C Performance table similar to the one I'm attaching below. This table in the attachment, is extracted from the "Chevrolet Lumina Model Year 2007 Service Information manual" which I believe is also known as Holden Commodore VE. According to my information VZ...
  10. DmanVT

    air pressure gauge modification for light help :/

    hey all, i have a question, is it possible to put a light in behind the dial of a pressure gauge ( that doesnt have a light hole ) so it can be visible at night? i have a pressure gauge that i want to put in my car for my airbag tank, i was wondering if i could drill a hole in the back of...
  11. C

    Tire Pressure for Track Day's

    Hi Guys, I have a track day next week (wooo) in my Monaro CV8 Series III. I run Pirelli Dragon's 235/40z R18's and wondering what you would recommend a good tire pressure to start with would be. I understand that tire pressure will need adjusting on the day for best performance, but wondering...
  12. BakeTheTank

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Problem

    Hey guys, I picked up my '04 VY Series II S Commodore, last year around september, and this little device came with it. I have no idea how to work it, or what model it is, considering there is no model number and i never received a manual either. So anyone have an idea how to work...
  13. VK SL 3800

    VK V8 radiator pressure.

    Does anyone know what kind of pressure a stock standard Vk V8 radiator will take? stock is 105kpa. Is it possible it can take 135kpa or will it blow or eventually blow?
  14. S

    Fitting elec oil pressure gauge??

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has done this? Is there somewhere convenient to fit the sender? Like a T piece or is there a sandwich plate available to take a sender between the block and filter or something? This is for a VT series 1 V6 btw. Thanks all.