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  1. C

    Major Service Pricing

    Hi all, I’m sorry if there’s already a thread on this, but I was just wondering what an average pricefor the major 100k/105k kilometre service would be? I have a 2012 SV6 VE II, everything stock. I also live in SA if that helps, and won’t be getting any kind of friends or family discount. I...
  2. S

    How much do VY Calais' usually go for?

    There is a specific one near me which is going for 7.3K and has 200k on the clock, immaculate condition without major issues. Stock from the comments and what I can see, almost looks brand new. This is a Calais Series 2 V6 so a P Plater can drive it, which obviously goes my way since this will...
  3. G

    Vy ss crewman tray

    Hi i have been looking everywere and cant find what im looking for. I wanted to know how much i could sell a 04 ss crewman tray for there doesnt seem to be anything like that for sale anywere. Thanks,
  4. G

    99 vt manual gearbox

    hi i have searched all over web and cant find a price for a vt manual gearbox i'm trying to post one for sale but don't know where to start please help its out of the 3.8L v6 any help will be greatly appreciated
  5. W

    How Much? 2010 ve ute

    Hi guys, Thinking of selling my 2010 sidi 3.6l sv6 ute was wondering what do you guys reckon is a fair price? List of extras: Factory hardtop on car, soft cover extra, Cop style roo bar (balckplastic with fog lights) extra, Leather interior, the upgraded pedals, HID's, 19inch Advanti rims...
  6. G

    How much should I sell my 2011 VEII Omega for???

    Hi all I have a red 2011 VEII Omega 3lt 6 speed sports shift auto with the police pack on it with 69***ks It's in prefect condition Has: - line out put converter with amp and sub - LSD - all the options for those omegas - FE2 suspension - paint+rust protection - 9 air bags And all...
  7. S

    Help me!

    Hi everyone I need some help. Can someone tell me the average price on a sports exhaust system for a VE Commodore? Or any kind of exhaust system? I want it to sound throaty but no too over-the-top. I'm new to all of this so I have no idea what to look for and what price things should be? :help:
  8. V

    [NSW] Price Check: '95 Vacationer

    Looking to possibly sell my Vacationer in the near future. I have made a post previously about this though it was not well set out. So I thought I would try it again. Car: VS Vacationer Color: Shadow Grey KMs: 76,691(chassis) 22,000 on Engine (new engine is from a '97 VS Berlina (Ecotech)...
  9. V

    Honest Pricing help:)

    I been told all sorts of **** from my guy mates that want my car so hopefully someone here can tell me what roughly would I get for my series II VR original 5.0L 5speed manual with heavy duty clutch, LSD diff, extractors. It's just hit over 200,000kms. it's been given a yellow licky but I'm...
  10. speed__demond

    stage 2 shift kit price?

    after a stage two shift kit and a corvete servo in my vr just wondering where anyone has gone for a good price and a good kitt apparently different brands are different.. also.. was it worth it?
  11. Thesickness86

    Sv6 side skirts cost

    Does anyone know the cost of a set of sv6 ute skirts. I've had a look all over the net and can't find a price. (for standard ones anyway) Theres a set on eBay but there in another state. Any help would be appreciated
  12. BakeTheTank

    VY Electric Back Windows - What are they worth?

    Hey guys, I've had the Back-Left and Back-Right electric window motors and switchs and wiring harness from a 2003 VY SS offered to me for $150 delivered, is that a reasonable price? I'm hoping to install them in my 2004 VYII S. Hit me back ASAP!
  13. Brendo169

    How Much

    hey everyone well i had a vs clubsport that i had an accident in last month after having a 355 stroker built two weeks prior pretty devastating! anyway im after some info as to what some parts may be worth VS clubsport rolling shell with heavy front end damage (no engine gearbox or...
  14. D

    How much could I get for my car privately? Estimates?

    Hi, I was just wondering, if I sold my car privately, what could I hope to get for it? Here's the low down on what it is: 1996 Lexcen/VS Fully stock/No mods All tyres have good tread Brakes are perhaps a little over halfway gone Getting towards 180 000kms Has brand new: Timing belt...
  15. Gilly91

    Price for reconditioned T5 and head fix

    I was just wondering if anyone woud know what sort of price I would be looking at for a reconditioned T5 for a VS and to get the engine head fixed. The gearbox works but is very noisy, and I think I have a cracked head? Symptoms are: radiator using coolant, stalls on cold start, when driving...
  16. JSTCOZ

    VT-S Pack 5 mags + new tyres, what will i get?

    Hey all, Since my last car got written off I now have a commodore VT-S pack. I was just wondering what sort of money I'd be looking at if i sold my wheels? They are the stock VT S-Pack Series II 16" rims. 5 rims + 5 tyres. Probably a little bit of a scrape here and there, but nothing...
  17. JSTCOZ

    2000 VT S-Pack 5 tyres + 5 mags price?

    Hey all, Since my last car got written off I now have a commodore VT-S pack. I was just wondering what sort of money I'd be looking at if i sold my wheels? They are the stock VT S-Pack Series II 16" rims. 5 rims + 5 tyres. Probably a little bit of a scrape here and there, but nothing...
  18. JSTCOZ

    Exhaust Quotes

    Hey Guys, Been phoning around today to find out prices on a 2.5" Catback System, straight through centre muffler and no resi. This system is said to make my VS V6 sound a bit more deep and throaty as well as loud when I put me foot down. Below are quotes I've gotten: Right Price...
  19. F

    What $ to offer for second hand suspension?

    I'm currently looking into lowering my car, and had done some pricing when one of my mates last night told me he was selling his car and would be interested in selling me his current suspension gear, then sell the car at stock height. What I've priced: SL front, SSL rear King Springs Monroe...
  20. DAVIDC

    Calais parts i was curious about

    Hey guys, I was about to buy some Calais seats front and rear, non leather for $80 and 60 for the door trims. Is that alright price or what? Also ive bought a deep purple paint that im going to be painting my vn. the colour is similar to the new VE commys purple, its going to have heaps of...
  21. C

    Holden Commodore VS Exhaust Prices

    Hey guys, just wanting to replace my stocko exhaust on my commodore VS with a sports exhaust from the cat, got told I dont need the cat replaced unless its screwed as Im looking more for the sound not performance. So what I was looking at was a 2.5" sports exhaust from the cat with muffler, and...