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  1. S

    VR-VS prices in years to come. (Example 10-15yrs)

    How you going fellas, okay well I'll start with saying with GM scrapping holden stopping all production I see no reason why in the next 10+20 they won't be more sought after. ( some ppl mite disagree, but it's happend before in the past way so diffent now?) I have a series 'll vr Belinda it's...
  2. K

    Used ls1 prices

    so I’ve started looking into buying a ls1 out of a wrecked car and so far I’ve only found some for around 1600$ but I’m not too keen on paying that much, other sellers are asking me to give a price and I’m not 100% sure what to say, I found a cammed, 160kms but needs Welch plugs done, I was...
  3. mpower

    NSW bans misleading petrol prices

    NSW bans misleading petrol prices Hopefully other states follow suit.
  4. K

    Manual Conversion Costs? (VIC)

    Hey just looking for an update on prices for a manual conversion on a VR? both full conversion + parts and install only costs? Preferably Vic prices but i suppose any state will help also Thanks
  5. F

    Budget of $10-$13000 commodore/Would u buy a Melbourne car

    hi all I looking at buying a car for around $12000 mark since i live in country nsw/vic border there's not much around been looking on carsales.com.au the difference between country prices and Melbourne prices is huge. plus I think on the internet is like 2% of cars for sale anyway...
  6. H

    Price of E10 Vs ULP PULP

    Hi everyone Given everything that's happened in Australia recently i fear we may be heading back to the bad old days of fuel being over priced. recently on the news i have seen them say the sugar industry will lose 500million, and E10 is based on sugar, so will that affect the price of...

    Car Prices Expected? Also maybe wanna sell to me?

    Hey all, Got my car written off a few days ago (whole front right is screwed up and I'm lucky to be here), basically I need a new Commy. Had a Commodore VS Series II '97 and would rather not get another VS since I have owned one before, but if the deal is good enough i'll get one...