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  1. Rich00

    Vz sv6 won't start by key

    Gday all I have a 05 sv6 auto. It has developed a ongoing problem and has gotten worse and worse gradually. If i try to start the engine all that happens is 'fuel gauge error' and 'service vehicle soon'. The immobilser is not activated and no other lights on dash indicating other issues. It...
  2. JQ417

    2012 SSV Z series Common Problems

    Hi everyone, just wonder if anyone here know any common issues/problems relate to 2012 Holden Commodore SSV Z series 6-speead Auto (with AFM technology). Because Im planning to purchase a second hand one with 90000kms on the odometer from its first owner in Queensland. Any advice/ recommendation...
  3. jamie tsagliotis

    Vy grinding noise

    Hey guys Recently bought a vy v6 berlina 2004 series 2 and I have just noticed at a certain rpm when revving you can hear apmost like a grinding/saw noise as soon as it hits 2500-3000Rpm Sounds like its coming from under the car beaneath where the 2 front seats are. Really dont know what it is...
  4. lurkin91

    New car new problems.

    Hey guys cheers for reading, I just brought a near mint vx ss , couple things concern me too so maybe you can help (I'm sure most of these questions have been answered but yeah cheers) . It has a random squeak on drivers side that sounds like its rotating so I'm going to change all the pulleys...
  5. N

    New owner of 2000 Commodore wagon

    Hey everyone, I'm sure this has been asked thousands of times so I'm sorry to be that guy. I'm a new owner of the 2000 commodore wagon, 226,000km. I got a very good deal on it and it runs great. But What are some common problems with this model? Just trying to learn, do the right thing, and...
  6. shad_308

    can someone please tell me what might be wrong with my ls1?

    ls1 now sounds like a tractor? any help is appreciated
  7. C

    VZ problem! New Battery, Turns over but no Fire!

    So the car would sometimes go into saftey mode while driving (only when accelerating to about 80km or higher). Then about a week later after taking it in for a service, I lost all power while trying to accelerate. I was travelling 80km and it would go no higher, foot off pedal and it dropped...
  8. W

    VX/VU Electrical Faults

    I am starting to have some electrical issues with my 2001 VU S V6 1. The passenger headlight low beam kept blowing every 1-2 months so I replaced with some aftermarket headlights (was going to eventually anyway) thinking the headlights could have a problem, but now my new projector beams do...
  9. K

    VE Calais 06

    Had problems just after it clicked over to 150k. Engine shakes that bad that the bonnet and car shakes, sluggish barely any power and goes into safety mode if revved over 3k revs, full tank of fuel is only showing 200km till empty also, and when starting up it makes some really weird and bad...
  10. A

    Interior light problems

    Ok so I have this very strange problem with the interior light of my 03 VY Calais. Today I was driving along and noticed that my interior light was on. All the doors were closed and the switch was set to "Doors". When I switch the switch to "off" nothing happened. The lights did not turn...
  11. J

    Ve series 2 iq problems (aftermarket sub installed)

    Hi everyone this is my first post I just bought an august built 2012 omega and thought it would be a good idea to get a sub put in. I went to an auto technician who wired the fusion inbuilt amp and sub and put it in (this was in his garage by the way), tried to turn it on, and the touch screen...
  12. S

    VX 2000 Wagon V6 Executive

    Hey guys, I have a list of problems with my car so lets get this going then shall we! 1. after planting it (doesn't matter under what condition) and taking it to redline (its auto) upon coming to idle the engine will start to feel like its gonna stall, like shaking and feels like its running...
  13. B

    power train, safety mode, cant find the problem, shutdown

    VZ 2006 auto commodore acclaim - is puzzling mechanics I have been to 2 Holden dealer mechanics and another dealer and I do not have a sound car knowledge background so im checking out if anybody can give me any information at all. The check power train mode came on in my car about 2 weeks ago...
  14. K

    Warning Lights

    Hi Guys I am having an Issue with my SII VY Calais, My Check engine warning is coming up on the LCD along with the ABS, SRS light, Trac Off, Pwr wont work, It says service error contact retailer, Rear light bulb out also came up, Temp Gauge also is not working and a X on the digital climate...
  15. M

    vr berlina is stalling, no mechanics seem to be able to find the problem :(

    Okay, so a couple of months ago I took my vr into the mechanics to get my engine mounts replaced. My partner picked my car up and he didn't notice anything odd. The next day I droge it to work and noticed the it was purging sometimes when I was braking coming to a stop.. and it stalled a couple...
  16. Vxcalaisv8

    Ls1 VX Calais high idle on startup.

    Hey guys. Today when i started up my Calais it climbed to 2000rpm on idle. Clunked when it went into D but then the idle went back to normal. Has been doing it all day. Any ideas on what it could be? It has a shift kit and mafless tune
  17. D

    Check engine flashing on dash

    The check engine symbol has popped up on my dash, the car has also been saying it needs a service at 60 000 km (currently on 58 900km), but my service history says next one should be due at 67 000 km. Could they be linked? Anything I should look out for? The car is 2009 my10 model Sorry don't...
  18. J

    86 vl auto trans problems??

    hey, i know the vl's will not go in to over drive (eco mode) when it is cold but mine seams to, but when it warms up its stuck in eco mode and will not kick down when i put my foot down a bit for over taking or what ever, i have to manually come down to 2nd and the motor is screaming its tits...
  19. Zerone_V

    Park Assist Issues on CalaisV

    Hi Everyone. My Park assist has stopped working. (When I try to manually activate it, the Park assist light flashes quickly 4 times, and does nothing). There the screen doesn't even show the park assist vehicle outline, nor does the system beep to let me know it is active. I have checked...
  20. aussie4life11

    VR-VS Tips and tricks - Read before asking

    Hey guys. Came up with an idea tonight while i was driving. I remembered someone saying that if you car was burning oil or leaking it out of the exhaust manifold, your car would be restricted in the rev range. And i thought, rather than people asking the same questions over and over, why not...
  21. P

    radiator fush on vt coolant backfire. (cant think of anything else to call it)

    i was just flushing my mums radiator on her vt commodore before and as everything was looking good and i was about to put it all backtogether the was a dull popping noise like it makes when sucking the coolant through the thermostat, but the coolant started popping back out the top hose. i...
  22. S

    My Sv6 is has started running very rough!

    Hey guys new to the commodore forums, but always refer to them when im in need. Recently a bought myself a 05 vz Sv6 with 110,00 on the clock. As i P plater i was very keen to make some mods as to suit my self satisfaction. I got my Stereo installed first which consists of 8 speakers, Xplod...
  23. V

    '03 VY Exec Wagon won't crank or even make a noise

    Hey all, My mate recently bought an '03 VY Exec Wagon off his gf's brother, the real massive issue with it was it was filthy on the inside due to the kids being in it, so when he bought he took it out to my place, it started, ran fine, absolutely fine, yesterday was the same, he started it no...
  24. U

    Vr Calais, level 3 dash cluster problem (NEED ADVISE)

    Hay guys i just brought a Vr Calais and have encountered a problem with dash evry now and then then speed warning light, the tempreture light and the fuel light flash all at the same time. i just need to know if its gonna cost big bucks or an easy fix?
  25. K

    What should i do? Warranty issues!

    Hey guys The situation is, i got a vz exec off a dealership with 3 months warranty and it runs out 1st of next month. I have told my mechanic and a few other mates that the car is splurging at times and its really worrying me. I posted a thread about this labelled: oxygen sensor info. Because...
  26. S

    Holden commodore vy ss ii disaster

    Hi Everyone I know this post would piss a lot of people off but for a car that is just a run of the mill commuting to work and home have this much issues, I can't even begin to imagine how much more it would have if I gave it a good old boot.
  27. BadJesse

    VT - Wheres the power?!

    Hey guys, I just bought a second hand VT commodore, After buying i took her straight to the car wash for a shine. After finishing my wash and the vt looking amazing i was driving out to leave the car wash. After waiting for a gap which wasnt coming i tried to shoot out, thinking i had a...
  28. F

    VT commodore LPG problem, car won't run on LPG only petrol

    well it just started a few hours ago, i was running petrol then I tried to flick over to lpg the engine would stall, I tried up to 20 times to start the car on LPG and it just would not start, so i got home on petrol, any Ideas on what could be the problem
  29. M

    VX Equipe II Aircon Problem...

    My aircon work's fine when i have it on the fan setting 1, 2 or 3 but when i go Max Setting or wateva it is, it just just completly shuts off. Any ideas on what this could be and how i can fix it? Thanks.
  30. bacon

    2002 vx problems.

    Hey guys ive got a few little problems that i need help on. 1. The passenger window makes a bang type sound when going down and a scratching type noise when coming up (electric windows) and i need to get the door trim off. I got the screws out but cant get the handle off or the door trim. Any...
  31. Jessie VT

    Jessies VT Calais

    Hay all, So, my power windows haven't been working for a while now, at least the drivers side doesn't open, beyond the point were u can pry it even now, and the others all open at different paces, i was just wandering how to fix that problem and if it can be done, i tried taking off the door...
  32. JSTCOZ

    VS 17Inch + lowered. What to do first?

    Hey all, tried to find this info before but couldnt see a good answer. Within the next 2months I'll be lowering and getting 17's on my VS. I was just wondering what I should get done first and if it will have any effect? lowering will be cheaper so i thought id do that first, but i was...
  33. jess_85

    WH electrical problem???

    Hi everyone, umm... ok where to start,i'll just start from scratch..... Well, i just got a 5.7 WH Statesman which i took to the mechanics to get a roady, i told them that i think the fan relay needs to be replaced coz sum times wen u turn the car off the fan would stay on, so they replaced...
  34. C

    My Vehicle Dilemma

    Hey Guys, I own a 1996 VS executive with 170000kms on the clock. My torque converter is stuffed and I have the option of getting a new transmission or maybe selling the car to get a new one. Basically I had an offer today at the gym for $2000 for my VS. I was going to get a fully reco'd...
  35. J

    should i get my VT on gas, or does it just cause problems?

    heard many different and read many different things from heaps of different people and just want a proper answer, it's causing lots of grief.
  36. SUSS8

    Haunted VT? VT Berlina Problems

    Hey guys, I own a 98 VT Berlina, In less then 4 months Ive changed 2 fuel pumps the latest one being a Bosch one and I also changed the Crank Angle Sensor. I tried shocking the fuel pump and no response. My mate came past and we changed one of the relays and we got it started but once we...
  37. H

    RACV comprehensive check- what does it mean?

    Hey there! I'm bec, very new to forum! I've currently got a VT berlina but going to buy a 2005 VY Berlina I got a RACV comp. test on it and a few issues came up, and I have nfi what they mean? What do you think? - Silent driveline backlash - Drivers side front castor bush torn -...
  38. JoeFish

    having probs with my 97 VT Executive commo.

    G'day guys and gals. i got a 97 VT v6 executive commodore. And it has been great so far for me but i have just came across a few small issues, as listed below. 1: Shaking alot When im idling the car, as if im waiting at the lights etc, it shakes a lot, always the front passenger will...
  39. B

    Central locking not working

    I installed a new sound system today and now my central locking doesnt want to work. When I push the lock button the lights flash as if its locked but it doesnt lock and same with unlock. When I lock it by key the drivers side door locks but the passengers does'nt. Any suggestions???
  40. C

    vz alloytec extractor/high flow cat problems

    i recently installed a set of di fillipo extractors and high flow cats for my vz storm ute but it has sort of backfired on me my car has brought up a drive train error and it seems to rattle when i start it. also my engine is telling me it has overheated and the engine is only warm to the...