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  1. klavins

    New headunit no air con

    Installed a Calais headunit into my Omega Series 1. Radio and CD, reversing sensors, and rear demister work fine. However, all the front air vents don't work like the front demister and air con. I have programed the headunit successfully but when I try to read the HVAC 93C66WP EEPROM it shows...
  2. J

    Programming New Key fob

    I bought my VZ in Feb and it only came with one key. I purchased a new key fob off ebay as i was worried the battery in the existing remote would go flat and i would be stuck having to spend a lot getting it sorted. I programmed the new fob using instructions from Mr Minit and it was fully...
  3. M

    vx ecu flashing

    I am wondering how i would be able to re flash the ecu in my vx from an auto to a manual, i do have a tech 2 tool but im not to sure if it can re flash an ecu, what i do know about the process of flashing an ecu is that i will require a new .bin file which has the programming but im not sure...
  4. VRV6BT1

    installing power boot release.

    G'day, Just got a 1 button key off ebay with boot release button. Can I install the boot release mechanism into my car and have it work withour too much hassle. It appears the wiring is there, will I need a new bcm? Is this feasable? Cheers eh.