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project car

  1. D

    20” walkinshaws won’t fit front end..

    gday ladies n gentleman, this is my first post.. so I just bought some walkinshaw wheels that cost me a lot of kanga.. The rears are fine but the fronts are resting on what I think is the strut brace thingo.. do I need to get coil overs orrrr? I dunno what to do. I will throw whatever $$ I...
  2. Krab-man

    VR Sedan (IRS) Project

    Hi, I have a 1994 VR Sedan (IRS). I'm looking at raising the suspension and am trying to find out the height difference between stock and raised. I really appreciate any help with this.
  3. S

    help with getting parts/engine for my first project car

    hey guys. My dream has just come true. I have my own VK for me to do big boy things to it. Basically Ive been looking here and there on the net trying to get the heads up on what kind of engine could go into the VK. Ive seen that its a good idea to go with a 304 and also I have been told...
  4. B

    VH Commodore 355

    Here she is. My 1983 VH Commodore with a 355 Stroker, harrop crank and manifold, scat rods, custom pistons, yella terra vn style heads with platinum shaft mounted rockers and 975 BG Carb. Front end is detailed including plated cross member, full nolathane bushings, 90/10 shocks, king springs...
  5. M

    New Project.... VK

    Hello everyone. Sorta new to all this forum stuff but i thought i would chuck up some pics of my $300 special. looks all pretty much standard inside which i was a fan of. Picked it up from a mates, mates, uncle ( usual story ) for 300 bucks with some spares. Found a blue 308 and trimatic gearbox...
  6. J

    Need help swaping parts from my VR to help me finish my project car

    I have started a little project before i get my licence back vr running vs statesman loom and ecotec motor still looking for the T5 box full set up I have all the parts I dont need willing to swap or buy and sell parts if any one need's some thing i have the front and back bumpers full...
  7. I

    HQ/HZ project

    Hi guys At the moment im looking at buying a hq/hz as a project car, and I was wondering if you guys could give me some ideas on which to choose, and an engine, gear box, diff ect to go into towards the finished product. at the moment i'm leaning more towards the HZ and a pretty simple...