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  1. KaneoLS

    Project Blown LS1

    Hey everyone, I’ve just purchased a LS1 stock engine and my plan is to build this engine from the ground up with a 6/71 supercharger on top with a 3 port big n ugly hat. Now I know a bit about engines but this is my first engine build and I have no idea where to start or what to do exactly. Any...
  2. Leigh_G

    Leigh's '81 VH SL/X Project

    Hi all, been a long time away from these forums, but I'm back, with a new money pit. Bought this 1981 VH SL/X a few weeks ago, figured I'll chuck it up here as a bit of a progress log as I fix things on it, and see where it ends up! A mate spotted it for sale at a local tyre shop and flicked...
  3. K

    Used ls1 prices

    so I’ve started looking into buying a ls1 out of a wrecked car and so far I’ve only found some for around 1600$ but I’m not too keen on paying that much, other sellers are asking me to give a price and I’m not 100% sure what to say, I found a cammed, 160kms but needs Welch plugs done, I was...
  4. Krab-man

    VR Sedan (IRS) Project

    Hi, I have a 1994 VR Sedan (IRS). I'm looking at raising the suspension and am trying to find out the height difference between stock and raised. I really appreciate any help with this.
  5. M

    custom pedal car \ 2 stroke power

    hi everyone, I signed up a while ago, ive got a vz wagon with clubsport body kit. ill just start with a bit about what im up to. the wife wont let me have a real project car yet. 2 young boys taking up my time..... but ive come up with the idea on building the oldest son a custom pedal car...
  6. VrDarrd

    1994 V8 VR Wagon

    Recently purchased a vr wagon for $1500, gonna try turn it into my daily. Heres a few pics of the car so far.
  7. D

    VS Black 5 speed Manual Project!

    Hey guys, Recently Purchased a Black VS 5 speed manual ute, 2 seater. Thought this car had a lot of potential to be a really good looking ride so i thought might aswell do it up abit, Heres how i bought it The car came with the following Pacemaker Extractors. 2.5" twin...
  8. T

    Project 12s Turbo VT V6

    Hi, thought id start a project thread about my VT V6 turbo project. The car is just a base model, auto, 250K kms and in rather average condition but hey it was cheap and a perfect car to use for an R&D mule. Not planning on going overboard spending big coin on brand name parts this will all be...
  9. Y

    vb to be vc satin black brock

    Gday this is my 1979 vb commodore witch has been a long time first car project, i've had it for about 3 years and worked on it lots but not haveing much of an idea been doing extra work and going around in circles, ive done all the work my self with minimal help from my dad. when i got the...
  10. T

    Ecotec V6 mods & info..... "PLEASE HELP"

    Hi, So..... the story goes like this. Ive got a project car in the shed atm. Ive decided to run the 99 ecotec in it out of a VT commodore. My plans are to change the cams, run e85.... and this is where it stops! i need more info on what i can do to it to get good power out of it! i know...
  11. 9

    My VR Project/hobby

    alright so, when i got my vr basically for free i expected a few things to be wrong with it, but since i don't really care about getting it road worthy and registered, i was wondering what things i could to to make it visually impressive and standout, what are some cheap mods i can do to it...
  12. D

    In the hunt for some GRUNT!

    Hey guys. I have an RB30 N/A sitting in my shed on a stand waiting for me to tear it to pieces. Now initially I had planned to simply strip it down and give it a basic rebuild for two reasons. 1- The motor hasnt exactly had the easiest of lives, so it could probably do with one. 2 - Ive need...
  13. BE39ER

    Jerry's 94 VR Berlina project Video

    Hey guys, Just thought id throw up a lil vid I made of my project Vr. ‪Vr Commodore project‬‏ - YouTube I hope you enjoy watchin it as much as I enjoy drivin it :)
  14. C

    ideas for engine replacement for 1996 acclaim series 2

    abit of background in what i am wishing to do with my VS project car: manual conversion, engine replacment? work on the engine ( so as to get further power and performance without turbo ect), strip inteior completly, roll cage, 2 racing seats, strut braces, coil overs, extractors, HSV...
  15. J

    VR wiring Loom issues

    Hello I'm having trouble with the Loom in my VR executive the loom is a VR Calais I have the BCM and the auto ECU but i think i have done something wrong the headlights wont turn off (Even with the key out) the fuel and temp gage go to the top when the car isnt even started or anything no...
  16. C

    Series 1 VP

    Hey guys not a frequent poster but definitely a frequent reader. Got myself a stock 91 vp with vy ss mags, I thought about doing a few things to performance.. but have realised the serious money that can be wasted and decided to put this on hold until i love the car a little more haha. But...
  17. V

    [VIC] PROJECT Genuine/Stock SI VL Calais Turbo (no motor)

    ITEM: Genuine SI VL Calais Turbo LOCATION: Vic/West YEAR: 1986 (unsure) SERIES: VL BADGE: Calais SI ENGINE: No Motor (was original stock A8 RB30 TRANSMISSION: Auto (Box not in car/ can be purchased seperatly with purchase of car) COLOUR: Marone over Champaign EXTERIOR...
  18. V

    Devil yellow vt ls1

    Hey, new to this forum but thought i would get some opinion on my half completed project... I have a Vt Executive, its had a respray in devil yellow, Gto kit, Monster stereo, Custom yellow interior, Lenso speed six rims, Lowered, Tail and headlights, Vx ss yellow dash, ported, rings and pistons...
  19. DAVIDC

    Kinda first car, VN aero : )

    Its kinda my first car because my previous first car (VN commodore) got destroyed by hail before i could drive it :\ Car: Holden VN Series 1 Executive Current Mods: body: Aero front/rear bumpers, Areo garnish, Aero Skirts/door thingys and Letterbox grill. Wheels: 19inch Advanti's...
  20. DAVIDC

    My First Car, VN

    Hey Guys!! This is my first car, Its a Toyota Lexcen that i bought early last year! The Car is soo smooth, i guess the one good one of the batch. No Rattles, no problems what so ever!! So far the Vn has a 3 inch stainless steel exhaust with headers, Lowerd 2 inches on king springs, chipped...
  21. R

    Hidden project sorry boys

    Updated project vs twin throttle v6 I have been a bit selfish i have been hiding this for a while my 96 vs berlina v6 PARTS ALREADY BOUGHT *TWIN THROTTLE MANIFOLD (FITTED) *CLUTCH PEDDLE BOX (FITTED) *MANUAL LOOM *T5 GEARBOX *H/D CLUTCH *CLUTCH CABLE *BOSCH BLUETOP INJECTORS...
  22. calais24/7

    Turbo project

    am looking at turning my daily vl into a turbo so basicaly whats a list of things i need and maybe some tips and tricks and **** coming from the guys that have done the conversion. i should be sweet though becuase person who will help me knows alot and has done it to a vl wagon. im yet to ask...
  23. VN_chris

    VN Automotive HSC project 2009

    Im doing my HSC this year and my hands down favourite course is Auto. From the start i knew i was going to do a Commodore as my major project. In a nut shell: I baught a VN Commodore Execuitive in march this year shortly after i got my P's I rebuilt an engine I got form a local wrecker...
  24. GetToDaChopa

    [NSW] WTB: V8 Commodore (for a project)

    ITEM: V8 Commodore, EDIT i'll consider any model. PRICE: Around $3500, Prefer under. LOCATION: NSW, Western Sydney Area CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: I would pay cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email: [email protected] OTHER INFO: I want it to be...
  25. J

    [NSW] VR Lexcen/Commodore! Needs cosmetic restoration.

    ITEM: 1994 VR Lexcen / Commodore LOCATION: Wollongong, NSW YEAR: 1994 VR Lexcen SERIES: VR BADGE: CSi ENGINE: 3.8litre V6 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Blue/Purple... see photos EXTERIOR CONDITION: ... could be better INTERIOR CONDITION: interior is alright except the...
  26. aussie 94 vr

    my creation of a vr v6

    hay all well i just bought a 94 VR V6 SII for $300.00 (surprising i know). but this is whats going to happen over this year... the motor is on its way (450.000 k) out. i have a VX ecotech V6 waiting for me in werrbie. 128.000k on the clock having 30thou oversize pistons placed in plus an stage2...