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  1. M

    VE 3.0 drive belt routing. With or Without Idler Pulley

    Hey, bought a new Tensioner with belt for this 2010 VE 3.0ltr (SIDI). It came as a kit on cheap. Installed the new tensioner and then thought I'd install the new belt as well, only it was alot shorter...pull up the haynes sure enough theres 2 routing configs, one with and without the idler...
  2. A

    VE has noisy idler pulley

    My VE has got a very noisy idler pulley. At first I thought it was that tensioner pulley so I change that. While the belt was off I felt the water pump a bit loose and noisy so I change that. The fan belt is still quite new and it's been sprayed with WD-40 belt conditioner but the noise will...
  3. DeathSammich

    L67 Rebuild URGENT!

    Okay Ive put an l67 in my VT commodore that I bought and went to put the belts on but the pulleys are wrong! The belts don't fit on properly, some pulleys look smaller such as the idlers under the coil packs than what they are on pictures. The main pulley is the idler pulley next to the AC...
  4. J

    VY 3.8L Supercharged Pulleys

    Need new pulleys for my VY but I'm not sure if I should by them through Holden or online. From Holden they're about $280 for the lot and online they're about $140 ( https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182268525515 ). The person selling the pulleys online said the Holden dealers are plastic and that...
  5. L

    L67 mods need advice.

    Hey guys. I plan on putting a 2.8inch (16psi) pulley for my Vt 98. Im getting the funds together and will be getting MACE's A2A intercooler kit and i would like to know other possible upgrades down the track before the pulley is installed and the tune is done. thanks in advance
  6. Miss_VT

    Supercharger pulley kit help!!

    Does anyone in Perth have a supercharger pulley remover tool? That I can borrow or does anyone know where I can get one??
  7. MiKExAUS

    VZ SV6 Squeak

    Hi Guys, This weekend i'm doing a big service on my sv6 with my dad. Bought a new radiator (90 bucks), water pump (30bucks) and a pipe for the aircon (current one is leaking). I also have this annoying bloody squeak on cold start up that I want to get rid of (since I'm pulling apart a fair...
  8. 5

    Missing 304 belt\pulley kit from full STA setup.. Alternate kit? Help! Exp? Advice?

    Call me old fashioned but I still get kicks from steering the old vn ss through road trips to shopping trips, the sound & pull of that aussie 5l, the ease in which that barge arse steps out, the way it handles at high speed & the simplicity of being able to work on your vehicle. -Sure it drives...
  9. B

    Recommendation Drive Belt Tensioner and Pulley

    DEAR ALL Would request members with their expertise and experience to advice me on the actions as under: My Statesman WH requires a new Drive Belt, Drive Belt Tensioner and Pulleys. Drive Belt Tensioner: Was wondering whether to get Genuine Holden or Dayco tensioner. According to my...
  10. B

    vn air con pulley

    help! I cant figure out how to get my air con pulley off. the bearing is shot. If I knew how it comes off I feel sure I could do it thanks in advance for any help
  11. menace2sobriety

    SC14 Pulley Sizes ( WHAT PSI DO I GET )

    Hey there everyone, just been browsing the pulley bros site to purchase a pulley for my setup and am wondering what boost I should be getting Basically I want about 8psi and I WILL be running an intercooler with 3" piping I don't want to buy a pulley only to find that I am now running 6PSI and...
  12. V

    [VR-VS] HOW TO: change a serpentine belt (vs)

    The serpentine belt is the main belt on the front of the engine which runs around a set of pulleys. Its actually very simple to change despite how complicated it can look. I did this on a vs ecotec not sure if its the exact same with other models (vn, vp vr, vt). What you need: -...
  13. J

    Supercharger pulley swap in adelaide?

    Hi just wondered if anyone knows of a mechanic workshop in adelaide that has the puller to remove my supercharger pulley? cheers
  14. Vy S SC

    10psi Pulley (Plugs, coils, leads, thermostat)

    Im getting the 10psi pulley upgrade on the weekend. :lock: I currently have standard NGK spark plugs, Standard leads (replaced 100kms ago) and stock coils and factory thermostat. The car has 160 000kms on the odometer. Will i need to upgrade any of the parts mentioned above when I...
  15. minux

    VY LS1 Aircon Idler

    Anyone know what size hex(torx whatever they are called) key i need to remove this sucker...don't really want to buy an entire large set! Thanks
  16. Morton

    Changing water pump VN/VP/VR

    ----------------------------------------------------- NOTE 1: For heaven's sakes, I'm not a qualified mechanic - so assume that everything I'm about to tell you is bollocks. I have NO idea what I just did today, and I honestly have no idea whether it worked. For now, I'll just assume that the...