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  1. 4D_SUx

    Where to find reasonably cheap supercharger pulleys?

    Hey John here. I'm running a C4B with a Whipple supercharger at 15psi. I wanna lower it down to about 12, does any1 have any info on where abouts I could find reasonably priced pulleys?
  2. J

    Squealing noise from vy/vz

    I have a VY Calais 3.8L Stock Supercharged and the motor makes a squeaking noise when the cold. It sounded like one of the pulleys was loose so I just had all 6 pulleys changed but it's still making the same noise and I can't figure out why. Prior to changing them I spoke to 3 mechanics who all...
  3. J

    VY 3.8L Supercharged Pulleys

    Need new pulleys for my VY but I'm not sure if I should by them through Holden or online. From Holden they're about $280 for the lot and online they're about $140 ( https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182268525515 ). The person selling the pulleys online said the Holden dealers are plastic and that...
  4. M

    Knocking noise

    Hi all. First time poster. Been using the forum for ages to help fix my car but can't seem to find my issue this time. I have a knocking noise coming from the engine when the air con is running. I read the forums saying it may be a leaf stuck in the blower but the noise is much more sinister...
  5. H

    Need some help with my VT

    Hi all I have had my VTSS now for about 2 and a half weeks and it was a present from the hubby. I started it up yesterday and got a squeal noise that was constant from the pulley area and it stayed constant until I got it home. I tried some WD40 on the belts which did not seem to help but when I...
  6. N

    squeaking noise when in gear

    hard to explain, but got me car serviced bout 500k's ago and they put new spark plug leads on and since then there has been a squeaking noise behind the top pulley when its in gear and the pulley shakes up and down. can anyone help me out? cheers
  7. C

    Pulleys and bearings

    Hi Guys, I'm new here so hello!! I have a VX II S pack (supercharger) The car had been sitting doing nothing for around 7 months and have just had it serviced and found some items need doing, one of which is a noisy / scraping squeaking noise. From researching the forum it seems like it...