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  1. Adrian's Vr

    Long range tank issue's

    so huge issues arises when i put my vs 80l in my vr, the sender is different as, so my long floaty is wrong, slapped normal one in, the tank has 2 hoses, 1 big 1 small where as my vr one has 2 small 1 big, so I just capped of the breather thats not in use on the filler neck, and now the strap...
  2. Wickham_1995

    Ve Fuel pump failures

    Hello everyone, I know there are several threads on this but wanting to see if they're any updates or findings on it. I have bought a 2009 E2 senator signature September of 2017. A week after buying I had symptoms of a failing fuel pump; would start but idle rough and a die, cranking but no...
  3. A

    Power steering pump bleed

    Quick question for the guru's. I've just replaced my power steering pump and water pump in my vs ss and about to bleed both. Can I bleed power steering without the lil hand vacuum pump? Or will I root it putting it in full lock? Alternatively I was gonna take the belt off it while I do the...
  4. K

    Fuel pump

    so im turbocharging my vt commdore, its a stock engine and im planning on putting 36lb fuel injectors i dont plan on maxing it out i just want to have a fun but still somewhat reliably car. Ive had a look at the fuel pumps and from what i thought i knew about what size i would need i cant find...
  5. Samuel elliot

    Fuel cell for skid car need help

    Currently in the process of putting together a Vt ss with a mild worked ls1 dedicated skid car Going to be installing a fuel cell, want to stay on the low budget side, what will I need and how to wire it up? Any informations useful From what I’ve gathered so far I’ll be going for 40-60l foam...
  6. Bevan2000

    Vl Fuel pump problem

    Gday, i recently bought a vl commodore duel fuel, runs on gas fine but on petrol it doesn't run at all. ive checked the fuses and there all getting power ( front of the cars getting power) when i turn it to ignition i dont hear the fuel pump prime at all. i check the pump with a test light and...
  7. B

    Water pump torque bolt settings

    Anyone know what torque value the 6, 10mm water pump bolts should be on the water pump of an L98? Should I use loctite?
  8. P

    VL Fuel pump blew up

    Hello, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I searched and couldn't find anything related.. I was driving my VL N/A the other day and heard a loud "bang" sound from the rear so I put the car in park and looked under the back but couldn't see anything.. I continued driving and about 400...
  9. B

    fuel pump failures after motor out

    in december i drove my ute into the shed, pulled the motor n box out and put a 5 speed and the motor back in, after all the codes, new ignition module, coil and dizzy, wouldnt start and wouldnt clear error code 46. got a mobile mechanic to have a look and after awhile he threw the pressure gauge...
  10. danielnitschke

    2002 VX Series II - What Fuel Pump do I need?

    Such a **** show. I've got ten different people telling me eleven different things. I have a 2002 VX Commodore - Series 2 Acclaim VIN : L815xxx Does it need the pump with the pins in a straight line like o o o o or with two above and two below : : Figure you guys would know.
  11. W

    VX LS1 Power Steering Pump cuts out when engine in low revs

    Hi there, Firstly, thank you in advance to those who are able to assist me with my query. I have a VX Calais International with an LS1 motor, and whenever I'm trying to park the car - it's like the power steering just cuts out. I've got plenty of fluid in the power steering reservoir, no...
  12. G

    fuel leaking from inside tube along petrol filler spout

    Hi guys sorry noob question ( searched forum 1st) yer replaced fuelpump on me VT and after 5mins of driving the car starts to stall on stopping at lights Then about 2mins of driving it start GUSHING out of that tube with the White plastic bit in it that runs along the filler spout of the...
  13. djdomohudson

    Fuel Pump VT

    My next job for the car on priority is to fix/replace the fuel pump on my VT. Apparently its a big job? Is there a way to do it in your own driveway? Or is it pretty much a take it down to the shop kind of deal? What kind of prices do you reckon I'll be looking at to have it done?
  14. Spudrageous

    VZ ute fuel pump replacement

    Does anyone know if you can get to the fuel pump assembly on a VZ ute through the tray floor or do you have to drop the tank? Also the workshop guide says you basically have to pull half the car apart to drop the tank! Is this true or is there an easier way? Thanks
  15. K

    Car wont start..possible fuel pump

    i went away on boxing day and came back new years day..car was left undercover..but was between 35-40c everyday..tried to start my car..and it turns over just wont fire and start..its got over half a tank of fuel and says i have 420kms worth of fuel, if i leave it for two days it will start for...
  16. klampy

    [Buick] Fuel pump question

    Hi guys. Iv got a VS super6 fuel pump that iv put into my VRs fuel sender, iv just been told i can use a pump (meant for internal mounting) externally. i always thought it was meant to be immersed in fuel to keep it cool but he says as long as theres fuel flowing through that it will keep itself...
  17. A

    VZ Overheating Mystery

    Hopefully someone will be able to guide me to work out what has failed. I have already had the radiator cleaned, had the cooling system pressure tested, and I have replaced the cap twice as I know the caps are unreliable. Also the fans seem to cut in appropriately. There are no leaks...
  18. M

    Vk Electronic Fuel Pump

    Hi all, Looking to convert my 6 cylinder VK from the EFI to carby running a cam, big valves with roller rockers and was thinking of leaving the electronic fuel pump but was unsure if it would work properly or not as I have heard they are pretty touchy with the V8's so was unsure about the 6...
  19. VK SL 3800

    Vk Cooling Issue

    My 202 with the est is having a lot of trouble holding a consistent temperature, during the winter months its fine and always holds the exact same spot on the gauge not matter how you drive. But now that its summer it can usually hold the same temp around town without the AC going but with it on...
  20. M

    power steering pump cutting in and out

    the power steering pump is cutting out on my vt and ive been told my steering rack needs replacing. my power steering comes and goes but locks up after driving out of town where im not turning as often ive been quoted $750 to fix these things does that seem right?
  21. VS5spdV6uteowner

    cracking open fuel tank to change fuel pump?!

    ive heard many ways from ppl onthis forum and i thank you all for ur time, i was wondering if i can crack my fuel tank open to change my pump in my vs commodore ute, i have removed the panel in the rear tray and undone the bolts circled, i attempted to jar it open but the material looks...
  22. M

    Fuel Pump

    I've just been told if you run a vr empty you screw the fuel pump and have to replace it, is there any truth to this.:unsure: Thanks
  23. Morton

    Changing water pump VN/VP/VR

    ----------------------------------------------------- NOTE 1: For heaven's sakes, I'm not a qualified mechanic - so assume that everything I'm about to tell you is bollocks. I have NO idea what I just did today, and I honestly have no idea whether it worked. For now, I'll just assume that the...