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  1. Kimberley1997

    Is purple haze a vy colour?!?

    i recently seen in a car group on Facebook someone wanting info on the difference between haze and cosmo, I confirmed their car is definitely cosmo but I want more info on the haze! Everything I have read has said haze was first made in the vx ss and only 10 were made. Then they kinda go of the...
  2. DmanVT

    DMANS Morpheus Purple Series II VT Sedan

    Please take note that the first images are the latest images and the images/ posts after are the progress as the car build went along This is my first car and so i have just gradually been working on bits and pieces and am very happy with it :) Name: Darcy Age: 20 Location: Near Ballarat in...

    [VIC] 4 litres of Custom VE Purple Automotive Paint

    ITEM: 4 litres of Custom VE Purple Automotive Paint, When I say custom it has a bit more blue pearl through it, looks amazing. Full tub, never used. LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne, Rowville, 3178 CONDITION: New PRICE: $150 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or delivery...

    My First Car, VN

    Hey Guys!! This is my first car, Its a Toyota Lexcen that i bought early last year! The Car is soo smooth, i guess the one good one of the batch. No Rattles, no problems what so ever!! So far the Vn has a 3 inch stainless steel exhaust with headers, Lowerd 2 inches on king springs, chipped...