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  1. Jayne89

    Hazard perception test QLD

    Hey guys, So I got my P1 licence in December 2010, but didn't sit my hazard perception test until may 2012. I know that your green p's need to be held for 2 years and i don't think they technically start till you have done that test, so does this mean I have extended my p's by 6 months :/ ...
  2. Wherry951

    [QLD] 95 VS Commodore *URGENT SALE*

    *URGENT SALE* I just got this car but due to family reasons i already need to sell it. Basically everyday i own this car is a day im not aloud to go home and have nowhere to stay. Its a horrible situation so i need it gone ASAP but i need the money back that i payed for it. ITEM: Holden...
  3. Friction

    [QLD] 92 VP Exec Series I For Quick Sale

    ITEM: 92 model VP Commodore Executive Series I LOCATION: QLD, South East, Cleveland YEAR: 92 model SERIES: VP Series I BADGE: Executive (badges have been removed) ENGINE: Standard 3.8L V6 TRANSMISSION: Automatic COLOUR: Metallic Sapphire Blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: Exterior is in a great...