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  1. D

    Where to buy good quality/cheap rims?

    Trying to find some good quality and cheap rims for my 2009 SV6 (black). If any good sites that are trusted or shops in my state(Perth), or shops in other states that ship; please let me know. Also aslong as i get 18 x 8 rims, will any rims of that size (18 x 8) fit my SV6? cheers
  2. Jaz11

    CD vs Aux Audio Qaulity

    Hello Audio heads, i have a VE and as many of you VE owners have probly found it its near impossible to replace the stock headunit (to date) besides 1 $799 G8 fascia kit from the internet, and as i recently found out my Series 1 doesnt play mp3 CD's... so i found a happy medium, instead of a...

    [QLD] PROSEAT interiors

    Hey guys, Been looking around for cheap way to redo my interior of the VT. I know there isn't really a 'cheap' way but im just researching it. I came across a group called 'PROSEAT' on ebay, eBay Australia Shop - PROSEAT AUTO INTERIOR CENTRE: HOLDEN, FORD, TOYOTA It seems oddly...
  4. tHe_sTiG

    Bad sound quality, how to improve please?

    Hello there mates, I decided to replace the 2 front speakers in my VZ with aftermarket ones, after the stock on the passenger side blew. I've heard here on the forum that the stock headunit produces 17 watts, however my new speakers have an RMS of 30 and a peak of 210 watts. The sound from...