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  1. K

    VL Diff Upgrade Questions.

    Hey all. Just to state one thing before I go any further. I'm only just starting to learn about working on cars, but have a bit of knowledge, currently studying Cert 3 Auto (First Year Apprentice). I've been doing a bit of reading and obviously all the Borg Warner BW75 / 78 series internals...
  2. V

    [VIC] '89 r31 Nissan Skyline

    '89 r31 Nissan Skyline *PRICE DROP* ITEM: Nissan Skyline LOCATION: VIC, Brunswick (Car is in NSW, Byron Bay for the next month) YEAR: 1989 SERIES: R31 RB30E BADGE: GXE 3.0 ENGINE: 3L 6CYL RB30E TRANSMISSION: 4 speed Auto COLOUR: Champagne EXTERIOR CONDITION: OK, missing...