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  1. S

    VK with VL driveline Racecar project

    Gday, I have a 84 VK SL Sedan I am not far from being finished building for dirt circuit racing here in SA, and have a few teething issues just getting everything prim and proper with the steering and brakes before the engine and trans go in. Basically my question is first and foremost, directed...
  2. J

    Steering Rack Vt Commodore ISSUE! Need Help !!

    Hey guys, I Own a vt commodore and iv noticed the steering rack boot has SH*T Itself ... Pictures below.. Should I get a hole new steering rack or just the boot for it ? And how long can I go driving it like it is.. ? I'm on a pretty tight budget..
  3. speed__demond

    statesman pacies. washers under mounts?

    okay ive had pacies in the vs statesman for about 6 months now. and YES they are the variable ones. but they hit the steering low pressure return line. its been leaking but now the line has finally snaped so gota replace ive got one from a vn and bent it a bit but i still think it may...
  4. B

    VT Acclaim (1998) - power steering rack replacement cost

    I developed a Power Steering Fluid leak a few months ago and had to top up fluid every few weeks. The mechanic checked it a couple of weeks ago and said I had to change the steering rack. I'm not all that auto-savvy, but he usually does a good job. He has said that it would cost 530$ for a new...
  5. P

    Steering rack sounds like its full of dirt. Pics

    Hey guys, So I've had a steering issue for some time now, no-one seems to be able to tell me what it is. Quick rundown: - Steering wheel is like 1 - 2 inches to the left. - Speed wobbles 80 - 90 km/h+ (Strange though, some days it worse than others) - New KYB shocks/struts with whiteline...
  6. damankerrison09

    [SA] VB-VL Power Steering Conversion

    ITEM: VB-VL Powersteering Conversion LOCATION: Adelaide Northern Suburbs CONDITION: Used PRICE: $260 ono.. may be interested in swaps DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up available, will help with postage PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: PM, Phone: 0433...
  7. VK SL 3800

    VP rack into Vk issue

    Putting VP k-frame into Vk including VP rack, how do you connect the rack up? i have a VL p/s intermediate shaft but the rack end is splined and the VP end is square, anyone know how you get around this problem? Or im i off to the engineers to get a custom end made. Thanks
  8. R

    How To : Replace Steering Rack - VT

    Hi there, I have a few questions about replacing a Steering rack on a Series I VT Berlina seems to be leaking in the Passenger side boot or slightly inwards from that point Been quoted ALOT to get it replaced in full Im wondering if its possible to just replace the RACK ENDS and BOOTS to...
  9. djaa

    Can I fit Tie rod spacers to my VS for more lock

    I have some spacers made up for VS ute, but when I took the boot off the tie rod(drivers side,where pinion gear is) it didn't look like their would enough clearance on the rack to allow the extra 5mm (width of spacer) of extra lock. :bang: Could someone please tell me if there is enough...