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radiator cap

  1. Fu Manchu

    [VZ] VZ VE VF Alloytec Cooling System Repairs

    The following is for both VZ and VE and VF Alloytec motors. The first part of this is on my VZ. Opened the bonnet only to discover a fine line of pink spray from the dry red coolant, all across the engine bay. Lucky to catch it before it let go all together, and no doubt at an inconvenient...
  2. A

    Need help doing all round maintenance

    Hi all, I got the Commodore V6 VR from my auntie for free as it needed a bit of work. I took it to the mechanic for the leaking power steering and the rack ends were replaced. However, didn't fix the problem. Have been neglecting the problems for a while, but recently decided to see what I can...
  3. C

    Overheating Problems, HELP!

    My commodore has recently had problems with over heating the hot and cold gauge is below half but when I get out of the car I can hear bubbling as if it is boiling, it is never after constant driving just after sitting in traffic, is there a problem with the radiator cap? Or something more? Cheers.
  4. H

    VZ V6 190kw overheats and cant get radiator cap off [ WL statesman actually ]

    hi i have a WL statesman [ so VZ V6 190kw] it overheats and cant get radiator cap off.. ive tried pouring boiling water over the cap when the engine is cold but it still wont budge... any suggestions to get it off? thanks in advance :)