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radiator problems

  1. C

    radiator replacement gone wrong, trans lines threaded.........HELP!

    first post so dont be too hard on me hahaha ive just replaced the radiator in my 2004 vy commodore no issues installing the actual radiator but when i did the initial startup i noticed a transmission fluid leak so decided to undo and try to refit it and i think ive threaded the bottom trans...
  2. J

    Brown stuff in cooling system

    Can anyone tell me what this wet tissue like substance is in my radiator ?
  3. beans90

    VE SS Coolant leak - Need advice...

    Hey guys, So my VE SS seems to be leaking coolant now I know its not from a cracked radiator as ive had it pressure tested and none of the fittings are leaking, what is happening is that when the coolant heats up and goes into the overflow it isnt returning back into the radiator, and just...
  4. F

    v6 cooling issue? help please!!

    hey guys need help with my ecotec A few weeks ago i was pulling into my driveway and my bottom radiator hose blew off so i replaced that and that solved that problem anyway, a few days later i was driving for about 10 -15 minutes when i noticed my temp gauge was quite high (3/4) so i pulled...
  5. S

    VZ Radiator/Thermostat/Coolant issue

    Hi all, So a few months back i remember seeing some coolant beneath the car after parking in the driveway and thought nothing of it. Yesterday i was driving home from work and out of nowhere i get the high engine temperature warning, the temperature gauge had gone from 1/4 to right up the...
  6. T

    BANG! Coolant Everywhere!

    Hey all My misses was parking my VS the other day (I wasn't there) when there was a loud band she said. Steam came out from under the bonet and there was coolant everywhere. The car was still runiing and didn't shut off. What could of caused this. I am thinking (hoping) that she as just...
  7. calais24/7

    Leaking coolant

    Hey my old girl seems to be leaking coolant only after it has been driven, for example while it sits and doesnt get started it wont leak a drop but the other day i parkedit in the garage to work on the body and when i drove it out i noticed a puddle of fresh coolant and was wondering what the...
  8. E

    vr radiator problems

    hey guys, having some probs with my radiator??? i checked it the other day and it was empty so i filled it up with fluid.... 2 days later it was empty.... i then pressure tested it and there was no leeks i bought a new radiator cap cause the old 1 wasent holding the pressure..flushed the...