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  1. I

    White smoke and an overheating months back. Please read and give opinion

    So i was in an accident earlier this year (around February if I remember correctly). It wasn't a write off and i got my sv6 (LLT) fixed. Mechanically, all it needed was a new radiator as I had front end damage. The place that RAC insurance got the car repaired at (Mandurah Panel and Paint) took...
  2. T

    Calais question

    Howdy everyone. Brand new to the site and not very knowledgeable when it comes to cars. Looking for an answer to my dilemma. Driving the other day and I had to brake reasonably firmly at a set of lights. On takeoff I heard an increasingly loud knocking from the front left of the car as if...
  3. H

    Vs ss v8 trans oil

    I have removed and had my radiator repeared in my v8 vs ss, the entire radiator was drained, when i put the radiator back in is there anything special that i have to do for the trans oil? There is no obvious pump and the only trans fluid that was removed was out of the radiator. Also wondwring...
  4. J

    Radiator issue VT executive s2

    So. I have a coolant leak somewhere in the system, the car goes through coolant fairly quick, all hoses have been replaced and radiator replaced a few years back, the car has 370,000 km on it Underneath my radiator cap there is a sort of blue and black coloured sludge that accumulates, (there’s...
  5. B

    VZ slight leak in radiator

    I have a slight leak in my radiator that only leaks when it is driven, so I'm gathering it's only a pin hole in the radiator that pushes coolant out with the pressure build up. It's not a large leak, only enough for it to slightly leak on the radiator, and smell once the car is switched off, I...
  6. J

    Radiator hoses

    Hey guys. I’m new to this site so I just want to Thankyou in advance if you can help me. I have a 2014 ssv commodore. I have lost my license for the past 13 months so I just start it every now and then in the driveway. Th other day I started it and left it running. Upon going back to it it...
  7. RorzaaBoy

    Fitting for a/c drier broke, cant find replacement

    I was driving to a mates place, when all of a sudden.. BOOM!! Radiator explodes, along with it a nut/fitting for the a/c drier. Ive got a new radiator but cant find a replacement for that fitting anywhere.. please help I drive a vr wagon with 3.8l ecotec
  8. G

    VN fan relay replacement

    Hi everyone, so my VN was overheating after driving for about 15 minutes. The car had been sitting in storage for 3 years. It’s got an alloy radiator and thermo fan. So thinking the cooling system might just need flushing I took it to a radiator shop to get it flushed. I was quoted $145 for the...
  9. Adrian's Vr

    Coolant help

    Anyone know if this coolant is any good?(tectaloy XTRA cool gold green coolant concentrate 1L) Ive heard that some concentrates munchs up the radiator.
  10. N

    Radiator change issues - please help!!

    Hi, I've got a m8 putting in a radiator from a m8's crashed V8 VU (I think)6lt ute into my 5.0 VT SS. It doesn't have a fill cap on top of it, it looks to have fed from a reservoir only - where as mine had a reservoir bottle to the right of the radiator & a fill cap on top of radiator. We're...
  11. Scruff

    VX coolant

    Got a new radiator not long ago, was just having a gander at the instructions for installation and it recommends using type b coolant(anti corrosive) but everything I've seen for the car says to use antifreeze/boil, mainly nulon long life, just wondering what you folk would say is the correct...
  12. Scruff

    Auto vx v6 radiator

    Hey all, first time posting. Apologies if it’s not in the right place. Need to replace the radiator and wanted to get some suggestions on what the best ones to look at are. Figured buying new is probably the best option. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions
  13. mohamedelkady

    VZ damaged radiator cap side-effect?

    Hi, I have a commodore/lumina VZ with a damaged rubber seal in the water cap. the water inside the engine levels down regularly, However, the water level in the reservoir tank levels up! Two days ago the engine got hot suddenly. I checked the reservoir tank, the water was almost full but in...
  14. ChocolateCharlie

    Transmission line to radiator VX V6 leaking badly

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me get out of this, what started as a simple radiator swap has turned into a leaking mess. I changed the radiator and the bottom drivers side steel transmission hose is bleeding transmission fluid out when I start the engine. I didn't notice a washer when I...
  15. J

    Coolant problems?

    Hey so I've noticed my 2001 vu radiator has been slightly going down after every time I've been topping it up but my resevoir has slightly more in it, I've replaced the radiator cap but it's still happening, I'm suspecting the resevoir is stealing coolant from the radiator, is this meant to be...
  16. S

    Hot smell after 10mins running VT executive

    How do get a true reading of the coolant level in radiator... I keep getting a warm smell and afraid of a hose bursting .... Have tried running the fan on cold inside the car ... Seems to help .. But need advise please
  17. F

    Radiator replacement (single vs dual cooler)

    Hey mates and good evening, I will have to replace the radiator on my Holden Commodore VX Calais 2001, V6 (automatic). The former radiator has as dual transmission Oil cooler, meaning the transmission Oil will run through the radiator twice. I do have a same size VT - radiator on hand that I...
  18. B

    96 VS Radiator Advice

    Hey Guys, First time posting here and looking for some advice. Let me start off by saying that I am not the most advanced person when it comes to cars, but I'm always willing to try and fix things myself. So I have a VS ute that i recently drove from The Gold Coast to Melbourne and the car...
  19. C

    Vx2 overheating at idle

    My v6 vx2 started overheating a couple of months ago. Found a leak in the radiator so I replaced it. At the same time I flushed the block and heater hoses, and replaced the thermostat and gasket. Bled the system, it ran fine for a couple of weeks then started overheating at idle. Assuming it was...
  20. saif abushanab

    Commodore SS 2002 5.7 ls1 ownersmanual

    I want the ownersmanual of my car (pdf version), If you dont have: Radiator capacity Red or green fluid Steering fluid type Engine oil type Does it have cabin air filter?, and where is it?
  21. T

    Radiator troubles

    Hi Team, I had a burst top radiator hose, that I have just replaced. But I would like ask what this milky/sticky brown stuff is and if I should flush out the system? Photos are of the burst pipe and substance in question. TIA
  22. N

    VX SS Radiator replacement suggestions

    Hello, my radiator has kicked the bucket due to a dumbass mechanic using tap water when he refilled the radiator (had to replace the crank balancer pulley), so now I'm in the market for a new radiator. I've considered Mishimoto radiator but I've heard people saying that the fans won't be...
  23. T

    Rough Idle after head gasket replacement

    Hi Folks, Just wanna say thanks for all the posts that have helped me up to this point, I always seem to find the answer to my questions through a post or two on here. Now, to the point: My head gasket failed after issues with a leaking radiator, there was no milky oil but I found...
  24. R

    VS commodore Radiator assistance

    Hello, Twice now I have had the small hose outlet repaired jsut above the main lower hose on the replacement radiator (plastic). I believe it's a rubber grommet that wears out. surely I could fix this myself as it was over priced to get repaired(in my opinion). Is there a name for this part...
  25. H

    Question Regarding New Radiator for 2002 VY

    Hey guys, I noticed when I came home that radiator fluid was trickling down onto the drive way from somewhere in the middle of the driver side part of the radiator, I didn't take a look at the temperature gauge when I was driving home so I hope it wasn't over heating while I was driving :/...
  26. S

    VT cooling issues

    Hey guys, I own a 2000 manual VT S-pack v6 that keeps driving me up the wall with a recent overheating issue, it has been a great car up until now. The temp gauge will get to its normal temperature and then shoot up to the max for about a minute and then go back down again. The car runs fine...
  27. P

    Ss radiator in sv6

    I am hopefully planning a road trip up north for the summer time and will be towing about 2 tonne, I have a trans cooler to install but was wondering if the thicker ss radiator fits easily in the ve sv6. I know the cooling system is much improved on the newer models and won't give me the issues...
  28. dashdown98

    Thermo/Cooling Fan Not Working?

    Hey guys, I have a VP V6 and the thermo fan isn't working. I'm not an electronic whiz so hopefully someone can help me. When I got it, the fan was hooked up to a switch in the cabin because it wouldn't work, but I realised they had put a 4 pin relay where a 5 pin should be. (Cabin fan didn't...
  29. S

    08 Ve ute coolant leak but not from radiator

    Hey guy's, Just stumped after I hit a roo after it jumped out infront of me at 60km, all my coolant flush out on the spot. I've topped up the radiator to find the leak and now there is only a very very slow leak after maybe 5 days, now on further inspection I found the leak coming from around...
  30. H

    Vs ute leaking coolant but temp gauge not going up

    Hi everybody, I am new to this, sorry if I forget anything. My vs v8 ute leaks coolant from the overflow hose. It only happens when I drive around for a bit maybe half an hour. The temp gauge does not go pass quarter. I filled the overflow tank only to halfway. The overflow. Tank then...
  31. G

    Looking for advice on an upgrade from factory VY SS to VZ or alloy radiator?

    Hi all, I have a 2003 VY SS Crewman. 5.7l 6spd manual. The factory radiator has done 120,000 k's and decided it's done. I am trying to find a decent solution without spending a fortune. I have come across a few threads talking about possibly swapping out the standard VY radiator with the...
  32. M

    Vt coolant problem broke down

    Hi guys, I have a 1999 commodore vt and a few days ago the gearbox died in the middle of nowhere had to drive it 150k to a garage. It drove fine but when I went to start it up an hour after driving that far the temp started going up to nearly fully hot then down again. I got a tow and got the...
  33. R

    Low Profile Radiators Fans for VZ V6 ?

    I'm doing some mods and it looks like the standard radiator housings are going to get in the way. Can anyone recommend some 3rd party fans that would do the same job (or even improve on it), and not be as "thick" ? Has anyone done this? Also, if there are difficulties or hazards...
  34. J

    WH Statesman radiator problems

    I have recently bought an aftermarket sagitar alloy radiator for my statesman, it has duel transmission coolers on both tanks, I am wondering if I could just run one side and would it do any harm. Also has anyone bought one of these aftermarket radiators? have there been any major issues with...
  35. D

    VZ Draining Radiator For The First time

    Hey all, im in need of flushing out my radiator havent done it before looking up a whole bunch of stuff online just looking for any tips do i need to worry about any air being left in there thanks
  36. O

    Boiling Radiator - VX Calais

    Hi guys, So a quick trip home results in my VX Calais making boiling sounds from the radiator. I open the hood to see that it has sprayed orange sludgy gunk down the radiator from the cap. There is also the same orange sludge in the overflow and it's hard to tell our much fluid is left. There...
  37. N

    Overheating - is it the head gasket?

    I have a 1998 Holdon Commodore executive V6 automatic and a few weeks ago all of a sudden after driving for 5 minutes the dashboard light up and read hot and the temperature gauge had shot right up. We pulled over straight away and got towed to a garage where they pressure tested the radiator...
  38. S

    Radiator leak problems, foggy windscreen etc.

    Hey people, Got this vt series 1 commodore last year, goin great. About January I was driving along, then overheating etc radiator bone dry. Filled it up with just water, drive for about 2 months just fillin with water EVERYTIME it overheated. It sounded like boiling noises in the overflow...
  39. A

    Radiator thermo cooling fan not working

    After doing a great deal of research i have managed to get most of the information i need to troubleshoot my radiator thermo fans not working. I can't find the last bit of info i need to finish off the job. Background info: Radiator thermo fans not coming on at all when car is running...
  40. J

    How to flush a radiator On vtii

    Howdy all. Just had a look under my radiator cap, and it's all brown sludge, stuck my finger in the radiator, even more brown sludge. So, I figure it's time to flush it and clean the bugger out. Only problem, I don't really know how? Sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn't...