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  1. S

    Steering Wheel Control Stopped Working

    Hi all, I bought a new headunit to go in my VY and i decided to get all the plug and play packs so i dont run into any issues...but Upon connecting everything together my steering wheel controls are no longer working so can someone point me in the right direction on what to troubleshoot? All i...
  2. Fili

    Front fascia buttons repair or replacement on 09 Ve sv6

    I've been trying to find out how to go about repairing my front fascia buttons . I tried to do it myself ended up stuffing the buttons on it cause my aircon button wasn't working. Went to get a different fascia from wreckers and they said I'd have to change the whole thing.no idea where to start...
  3. N

    HELP! Head Unit leading to battery drain!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong forum but recently I've installed a Kenwood DDX4018bt head-unit into my 2005 VZ SV6 and all was great until I noticed a few days later it drained the battery, so I changed it up and alas, it drained again. Not only does it seem to be drawing...
  4. J

    VZ head unit broken ?

    The Head unit of my wagon 2005 VZ executive doesn't work properly it turns on but the radio doesn't make a sound and it seems like there is a cd stuck inside because the display says CD IN but i can't get it out and it's also not making a sound. Does anyone know how i could fix this problem...
  5. pbsmick

    VF accessory turns off

    When the engine is off how do I stop the accessories turning off after the set 10 minutes? Was sitting in the car chatting and had to keep turning it back on just to listen to music, very annoying.
  6. M

    Strange Radio Behaviour

    Hi there, I've owned my 2006 Commodore Wagon for a little over a year now and it's been an absolute gem, but the radio/cd and lights have always acted a little weird, and gotten worse over time. My first issue was that when I would keep the auto lights function ON, the backlight for the...
  7. RiffRaffMama

    Radio interference NOT a ground loop

    I've just developed a radio frequency interference problem. Before everyone chimes in with "ground loop" it's not an alternator whine or anything like that. This is directly related to charging my phone through the cigarette lighter plug. When my phone is plugged in the radio experiences...
  8. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Electrical problem? Troubleshooting help?

    Hey all, long term lurker on the forum. I own a 2001 VX Berlina, all is stock on the vehicle besides my Fusion sub (built in amp), a Kenwood KDC-U346 unit and my VY SS rims. I've never had any issue with the car until the last couple weeks when I noticed my sub stopped working. I hadn't had the...
  9. 2006VERallySport

    Replacing radio fascia woes.

    hello, everyone and happy new year. My factory blaupunkt stereo sounds ok, but the temperature and air conditioning knobs don't work. I can regulate the fan speed, but the temp control is stuck on hot, which makes it uncomfortable on these summer days. For Christmas, my son bought me a new facia...
  10. J

    VS electric aerial issue

    Hi Guys, I've got an issue with my vs aerial. The height can be controlled by the buttons under the radio but it does not stay in position as it will retract all the way as soon as I release either up or down button. It is connected via a Pioneer deck, which I have read to cause potential...
  11. J

    Time and date errors after service

    Hi, I got my car serviced nearly three weeks ago on the Wednesday. On the Thursday when I went out in the car and as I was driving I noticed that the time was out by a lot. The radio stations were still preset the same. I thought it was weird but figured it was a once off thing. The next...
  12. A

    Losing my steering wheel controls

    Morning, Since the day I got my VE Calais (Series 1, non V) I've noticed that the left hand controls (change track/preset on steering wheel) scroll wheel only sometimes works, also the station or track I'm on in the digital speedo window sometimes doesn't appear. If I spam the TRIP button on...
  13. S

    Radio off but still draining the battery??

    Hope this is the right place to ask this because no one else can help me. I've got a problem with my 2002 commodore wagon where the radio won't turn off/not use the battery. Usually I can't turn on the radio without the keys turned in the ignition but since last Thursday it's constantly in...
  14. N

    Bad radio reception while engine on

    Hi I just bought an Omega VE II 2012, and noticed the radio reception is not ideal, the further I go to west of Sydney, the worse it becomes, and almost dead when I go underground However, today I have noticed that when I switch off the engine, and the key is not in, the reception is...
  15. P

    factory car radio price

    Hi guys, i drive a sv6 ve holden. I got new speakers installed from jb hi fi about a month ago. And a two days ago my radio and air con controls stopped working, smoke was coming out of the aircon vents. I went to jb and thought they did a dodgy job of the installation of the speakers, they told...
  16. B

    Am Radio Doesnt work (Grannys VE)

    Greetings, I come in Peace from the Fordxr6turbo forums!:wave: Unfortunately many moons ago my granny was conned into buying a VE Omega Station wagon. She has just left to Germany for a few weeks and gave me a list of things she wants fixed on her car. I am now in need of advice for a few...
  17. M

    aux input for the OEM headunit (http://www.thelug.com/radio/gtoradio.html) - help pls

    So I wanna perform this "hack" on my headunit.. I'm thinking of having the mini-stereo plug come out near the arm rest so I'm thinking I need to remove the centre console (the one with the window controls) at least. some questions/help needed: 1. Any ideas what other trims do I need to...
  18. 0

    HELP NEEDED PLZ! stock cd player problem

    Hey everyone just signed up here. few days ago I replaced my battery in my 02 s pac vy v6 ute and since installing new battery my stock (blaupunkt) head unit does not keep time (time stops once engine is off) and radio does not turn on every time I start car. Now, ive read about radio codes...
  19. P

    Connecting DAB to existing antenna

    Bought a DAB receiver but it has really intermittent signal no matter where I install the 50 ohm antenna wire, like snugly along the top or bottom of windscreen. Where is the existing antenna plug / connection for the IQ unit? What's required to utilise that? Sound (when it gets reception)...
  20. J

    VE omega Radio,aircon fan turns itself off

    Hi, My VE omega radio turns off after driving for about 5 minutes and won't turn back on until the car has been parked for awhile. Then sometimes it will then turn on only to turn itself off again after about 5 mins. driving. Thought it might be the fuse but if that was the case it would just...
  21. V

    VZ Factory Radio stopped working after reversed leads during a jump start

    Hi all, I have searched the forum but no luck so I am hoping you experienced members can assist and thank you in advance... My buddy has a 2005 VZ Commodore with a factory stereo installed. He assisted someone with a jump start but had the cables reversed briefly (not sure if it was his...
  22. H

    Electrical problems

    I have been having problems with my electrics in my vy ss for a while now. My front windows wont go down i have to hold the button down for 10 sec for it to work or tap the down button lots of times. Now my headlights and radio wont turn off when i open the drivers door i have to turn it all off...
  23. T

    VY Berlina with Alpine, radio static

    Hey guys, I've installed an Alpine CDE-148EBT head unit into my VYII Berlina wagon, previously had an Alpine CDE-135BT which was replaced under warranty for the same issue. Also running SPR-60C splits off an Alpine head unit power pack. I've done a bit of reading and tried a few fix I have...
  24. B

    Stereo Shorting & Blowing fuse, please help!

    Hi all, sorta new here so I apologise if this is wrong or whatever. I have a VX with a Pioneer touch screen head unit installed with all the usual, speakers, sub etc etc. Yesterday the radio fuse randomly blew. Replaced with new fuse and keeps blowing, inspected harness from stock stereo too...
  25. K

    Need help with VE headunit & current Clarion

    Hi guys, So i had a mate disconnect my VE's headunit and attached a Clarion headunit in replace of it... The VE stereo is still connected and alive but does not operate.. obviously the Clarion now controls the speakers/amp/sub which is indeed what i wanted. However i want to have my actual...
  26. J

    Replacing Standard Blaupunkt Headunit

    Looking to replace me headunit, wanting to get a full touchscreen installed instead of the standard head unit. Wanted to know if anybody has done this and what size screen they got.
  27. VTCALAIS97

    VY steering controls for VT Calais

    Hi guys! i installed the VY steering wheel using one of your guides and was wondering why the steering controls dont work? what is happening is, the head unit turns on and instantly mutes and wont let me do anything... its the stock head unit. is there something i missed? Thanks in...
  28. adam sv6

    radio static

    OK my 09 sv6 has reception issues on FM radio. It has a BMW Ariel which is small compared to the stock one so maybe that's the issue. Is it hard to run in an FM ampilifier or even better a digital radio reciever? Let me know your thoughts.
  29. J

    Radio signal boost

    I've tinted my VE sedan and have since found that the radio signal has reduced. (I know this is because the rear window demister acts as an antenna). I've purchase one of these off ebay :- Can someone in the know tell me if I can actually fit this to my VE? If so, what's the best...
  30. F

    Can VE Omega MY 9.5 play Mp3 CD ?

    Hey Guys, I purchased 2009 omega ve last month. specifications say that it has got radio CD with 6 speakers. It also have front AUX port. the problem is that i cant play an Mp3 CD in its player. i rang Ballan Holden They said it should play Mp3. i tried several Mp3 CDs but none of them plays...
  31. M

    Do you really have to turn the radio on to make a phone call or listen to the ipod?

    I don't quite get it. I got into the car, and as I pulled away I wanted to call someone. I'm pressing the "phone" button on my steering wheel. No go. I press the phone button near the main display, still no go. I then turn the radio on, listen to music for the next umpteen seconds while I try...
  32. E

    Radio Security Number

    I have a VX commodore and needed to change the battery. I purchased the car second hand and can't find the card that the security code was written on. HOlden want to charge me $40 for the code. Does anyone know a way around this? many thanks
  33. Jimmy_d_jr

    stcok headunit "check disc" error

    Hi again guys, just wondering if any of you could ahead some light on this This is the guide I followed when I did the aux input GTO Hard Wire Tutorial and from what I can tell before the radio throws the disc error I can hear music from my iPod :-) but now theres the check disc error and I'm...
  34. doopah

    VE Stereo Upgrade issues. amp/ head unit cuts out

    This is what i have installed in my series 1 VE SS ute Alpine Electronics of Australia Alpine MRX-V60 amp 5 channel amp 50 x 4 @ 4 ohms + 200w @ 4 ohms for sub Alpine SPS-610c components to replace the front door speakers and tweets Alpine SPS-600 two ways Alpine SWR-T10 shallow...
  35. Mattde

    Bloody Clarion...

    a Few months ago i purchased the Clarion Cz500A radio for my VX. i installed it fine and its been working great for the the 3-4 months ive owned it but the other day it came up with an error code "MCU UPG" or something like that. i turned my car off and came back later to find it still on...
  36. C

    LCD control unit dead - no aircond/radio etc. on WM Statesman - HELP!

    Hi guys, Hope someone can help as my car is no longer under warranty (due to klms) - is a 2007 WM V6 Statesman and amongst a heap of things that have gone wrong with it the latest was intermittent but now is permanent. The centre screen that controls everything has shutdown - I'd taken it...
  37. boordy_23

    [SA] VY/VZ Blaupunkt 6 CD stacker (broken)

    ITEM: 2003 VY Berlina grey facia 6 stacker Blaupunkt CD player. - The CD stacker/player is no longer working as it read Mech-Error and was pulled apart to remove CD's. - Before removal the Radio, aerial controls etc. etc. all worked fine. - Selling due to finding a replacement 6 stacker...
  38. D

    Stock Head Unit Wont Turn Off. Help Please!

    Hey Guys, I have a 2004 VY S-Pack with the stock Blaupnkt (spelling lol) head unit. Basically it the backlight will not turn off when the car is off AND locked. It used to turn off automatically when I opened the drivers door but it won't do that anymore. I know it's just the backlight thats...
  39. VK SL 3800

    VK Radio interference

    Hi, Have an annoying problem with my VK's radio getting a mild uneven crackling at idle and low revs, Doesn't matter if your on radio, CD or ipod it still does it but only with the engine running. Its not like your normal zzzzzzzz noise that changes with the revs but more of a clicking or chk...
  40. F

    VP Eurovox radio, NEED HELP!

    Hey all, Just got a VP Executive, and I don't have the handbook, was just wondering if anyone knew how to change the time and the preset radio stations on it? Really annoying me!