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  1. J

    50th anniversary ute worth anything?

    Hey fallas Iv had my 50th anniversary ute for a while now, but recently Iv bought a ve ss ute, so Iv been trying to sell it and no one on this planet wants to touch it!! They only made 500 of the bloody things and myn has a raptor supercharger, ported heads, ported intake, crow cam, crow...
  2. E

    vs ute v6 to v8 conversion

    hi, new to this page was just wondering what will it take to convert a 6 to an 8 in my vs ute. I was told I only need to change the essentials (power steering/alternator/radiator etc. was also told it just drops straight in? is this correct cause getting told different things from different...
  3. iaydemir

    [VIC] FS: Raptor Intercooled Supercharger kit

    Car was written off due to hail. Supercharger kit in excellent condition, recently rebuilt supercharger. ITEM: Intercooled Raptor supercharger kit LOCATION: Vic, Northern Suburbs CONDITION: New PRICE: 2600ono this price is only for a couple of days need cash before Monday DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  4. V

    V6 supercharged

    gday guys i am getting my car supercharged with the raptor pro street intercooled. it will be here next wednesday and i am gogin to fit it up myself over the weekend after i currently have a 2.5' exhaust single but i have stumbled across a twin 2.5 inch off a vz 6l which has turbo genie...
  5. N

    Nastas's 1k bomb

    Name: Sean Model: VS executive Colour: Rubens Mica Bodykit: VS clubsport side/rear, VT clubsport front Engine Type: 3.8L ecotec Engine Mods: YT 1.8 Roller rockers Power: Dunno Exhaust: Extractors, 2.5" catback Gearbox: auto ATM Diff: Standard Brakes: terriable Suspension: Monroe GT...