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  1. S

    Need tune after diff ratio change

    Hey guys, Ive recently changed the diff ratio in my vx commodore (ls1) from the standard 3.08 to 3.73, so now my speedos out by 18 percent or so and the shift points aren't right. Just wondering if anyone here could suggest a good place to get the speedo sensor ratio retuned to suit the new...
  2. J

    diff questions.

    Hey guys. Just bought a WK Statesman. Diff is stuffed (clunks at low speed, 5-10km/h) , what diffs will fit? Are the VY ute diffs the same? Are any VT-VY sedan diffs able to fit? Any difference between the V6 and V8 diffs? I can get a VX V6 Calais diff for $50. I can get a VY SS ute diff for...
  3. V

    Vy v6 manual diff gears/ratio

    Sure it's been asked before but what is best diff gears in LSD for vy 5 speed v6 thinking either 4:11's or 3:09's after low down speed but don't want it revving off tits on highway 110-130 cheers
  4. U

    2007 omega specs help/obd2

    hi guys!, i am having trouble finding specifications needed for dashcommand. I have searched online and looked in the handbook but i cant seem to find the cars final drive ratios. I have a 2007 ve omega 3.6l dual fuel(i think it's a police spec?) thanks in advance
  5. V

    Replacing 2.92 Diff - Power / RPM

    I have a Berlina 6L Auto with a 2.92 diff. What sort of power gain is expected with a 3.45? Since it's 18% higher, would that be the difference in RPM (at the same speed) or am I off the mark? Basically just asking as a "bang for buck" upgrade and what I could expected. PS. I did do a search...