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  1. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] Rattle Noise(s) When Stationary Revving

    Hi everyone, I heard a rattle when pulling away from a light with the windows down today, and tried to replicate it when I parked (which I was able to). It sounds like an exhaust/metal-on-metal rattle when revving, but only occurs when on the throttle. After letting off, the sound goes away...
  2. J

    Ecotec tick/knock

    Hi guys, I recently just put a new clutch kit and some reconditioned heads onto my 96 vs ute, It was running perfect but all of a sudden it's started making a tick/knocking sound when idling. Any help would be appreciated, see video for sound.
  3. MiKExAUS

    Suspected flex-plate noise LS1

    Hi Guys, Long time no post.. Wondering if the LS1 A4 experts would care to give me their opinion. Got a rattle heard best from underneath the car near the trans bellhousing as seen in video. Here's the link: Can anyone confirm my suspicions? I always thought I had a bit of lifter tick that...
  4. Filthy Mex

    3.8 VP Motor/Trans Rattle

    Hey guys. Needing some help diagnosing a rattle. So I own series 2 vp exec 3.8 auto and for about 2 weeks there's been this rattle at the back of the motor that started out small but has got real bad recently and I cant quite pick what it is. To top things off last night after work my trans...
  5. R

    Rattle/Ticking from engine passenger bank | 2010 VE Commodore LF1

    Hi all, I acquired a 2010 VE Commodore International. There is a rattle sound coming from the passenger side engine bank. It is noticeable only at low revs. When the engine idles at +-1100rpm, there is no rattle. When it drops to +-550rpm it starts to rattle. The engine has 150kms on it. It...
  6. L

    Help ve sv6 low rpm rattle/vibration

    My car is a 2006 ve sv6 6 spd manual. I have this issue where at low rpm between 1200 and 2000 rpm I get this vibration/rattle when accelerating out of a corner or from a stop. It's only present between this rpm range, it is not present if the car is in neutral and I rev it through the range...
  7. Gaz82h

    HELP,Noisey tick and a rattle at revs

    Hey guys so few months back i done a camtech cam ls7 lifters pushrods and pac vaslve springs i done new timong chain chain only and also has heada serviced in the last few weeks i noticed engine made a rattle wen starting to rev kinda sounded like engine detonation its not matching the engine...
  8. hobbsy4

    Start up noise LS1

    Hi all My VZ Calais is going strong with 280k on the clock, driving around 500 highway kilometres a week. In the past few months, when the engine is cold (weather isn't cold up in Central Queensland) and parked on the flat, there is a noise for the first few seconds on start up. The noise...
  9. L

    VY Auto Trans rattly

    Hi All. My son's VY auto has developed a loud rattle which seems to be coming from the bottom of the transmission front, around the flex-plate area. Is there any way of checking the flex-plate and torque converter bolts without removing the trans? It sounds like a nut or a bolt rattling around...
  10. D

    Got an interesting one for you guys.

    Hello guys thanks in advance for any advice you give. I have an 05 vz exec and for quite some time it's has been clunking and thumping and thudding over bumps at a decent speed say 80km +. They can range from quiet to very loud and can be quite scary at times. To me the sound is never...
  11. Hannah B

    VE commodore 2011 Engine Mount/Bad Fluids?

    Hi guys I've kind of had a dilemma and (kind of really upset about it) I bought a second hand VE commodore 2011 a couple of months ago and didn't leave enough back up money incase something went wrong.. and just recently about 2 days ago it started to have strange rattling sounds and the cars...
  12. V

    Timing chain replaced - Engine rattles 20 000km later. Possible cause?

    Hi, I have a series I VE. The engine started to rattle at about 105-110000 km and so I got the chains replaced. Chains bought from the Holden dealer. Chains bought late 2013 I think. The engine now has 135 000km on it and has started to rattle again when I first start it up. Just like before...
  13. A

    05 Statesman timing chain rattle??

    I have a 05 WL Statesman that makes a rattle on start up for about 3 seconds, could it be the timing chain?
  14. dashdown98

    VS Ute Right Rear Wheel Squeak

    Hi guys, I had the rear brake pads changed in the VS V6 ute and around 3 weeks later the right rear started to squeak (hard to explain, more like a squeak and tap and rattle all in one) no matter what the speed. It goes away when braking and turning right. It's starting to do my head in and I...
  15. S

    Help! VY Engine Knock, link to video included

    Hi guys, I was recently given a 2004 VY Series 2 3.8L V6 by my dad. When I got it it didn't have anything wrong with it at all. It has been looked after INCREDIBLY well all it's life by both of the 2 owners (my mum put just 25,000k's on it in 5 years and Dad's a mechanic) It has 150,000 on the...
  16. I

    VU Commodore 5sp M Clutch Rattle & Noises

    Hi Everyone, I've got a 2001 VU Commodore 5sp Manual. The issue i'm having is a rattle that comes out only at idle when i'm sitting in neutral with the clutch OUT. It sounds like something in the clutch, and when i rev it the noise goes away. If i put the clutch IN, the noise goes away...
  17. R

    VE Calais Glove Box Door Removal due to vibration

    Morning guys! I have noticed a really annoying vibration / rattle coming from the glove box door of my 2006 VE Calais. It appears to be in or around the lock it's self. Really ruins the driving experience when you have an annoying rattle. So back to my question, does anyone know how to remove...
  18. Burger43

    How Do I Stop Rattle From Subs (or atleast make it a bit quieter).

    hello i am wondering how to stop, or reduce the rattle in the boot from the subs. im sure there would be a few people thinking the same thing so i made a thread!
  19. BigBoss

    Anyone use there sunglass holder?

    Hey All, It seems every time I put something in my sunglass holder (normally sunglasses :p) it rattles like crap. Are there any solutions to this? Or better uses for the holder? Thanks
  20. M

    Help fixing V6 rattle

    I'm trying to fix an annoying rattle in my factory Supercharged V6 statesman. Ive had a metalic rattle which I can hear on Idle for ages. Ive always been able to hear it near the rear of the engine at the passenger side and when I stick my head under the car near the left hand cat it has...
  21. speed__demond

    help passenger side rattle

    ok so, when i reverse or accelerate theres a rattle on the passenger side coming from under the floor, ive had a look under the car but i found nothing... also my exhaust rattles on idle no idea if its related
  22. J

    VR back end rattle

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a annoying rattle coming from my back end was thinking maybe suspension but checked it out and suspension is all fine. Now leaning towards control arm or bushes? Any help would be very appreciated!
  23. V

    VY Series 2 V6 Rattle at mid-high rpm

    Gday all, Just driving around today around on the freeway, ect and i thought i'd put the boot in at a set of lights, only to hear this unearthly rattle/vibration coming from the mid/mid right section under the hood. Since then i have noticed the sound whenever the car pulls past about 3000rpm...
  24. $

    Nasty rattling sound in my VR's V6

    I recently got my old VR back that I sold to a mate about 6 years ago and to say the least it has been very neglected....The fresh paint job I put on it has all faded, the engine runs like poo because it doesn't look like it's had many servicings since he's had it... :( Anyway, I'm in the...
  25. F

    Brand new globes found in high mount brake light - WTF?

    There's a small back story here. -Around 3 years ago, the weld on the left hand boot gas strut broke (The one below the parcel shelf). So my father (The owner of the car at the time), being the handy man he is, screwed it back on. With roofing screws. -18 months ago, I bought the car. -8...
  26. Y

    How can i stop/help my boot rattle? VT

    Hey guys, First post, long time viewer first time member, i have a 1998 VT executive Commodore it has a full body kit unaware of what it is (sorry) i know the mesh on the back kit rattles but i can stop that with silicon or rubber stoppers (i hope) But i will still get a fairly loud rattle from...