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  1. L

    Ve sv6 low rpm rattle

    Hi guys I have a 2006 ve sv6 6spd manual. I've been getting a pretty regular rattle coming from the car when I'm accelerating in 1st 2nd and sometimes 3rd when the car is working its way through 1200 to 2000 rpm, it doesn't happen all the time mostly when accelerating around a round about or out...
  2. E

    VY rattles (and breaks down) when running on unleaded, but not on LPG

    Hey all, First post here. Not car savvy but I've driven Commodores my entire life. This is my third car, and the first time I've run into issues. I bought it for $800 and it runs on petrol and gas. When I first bought the car, it was overheating. I didn't realise at the time, so I took it for...
  3. D

    Rattling of 2004 VZ Commodore

    Hello, Recently, I've noticed that the car is beginning to rattle and its mainly when the car is stationary. What are the possibilities for this to occur? A friend thought it could be the spark plugs though it doesn't seem right. In the last few days, the temp guage takes a while to warm up...