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  1. S

    Rb30et fuel

    Hi all hoping someone can help me with the problem. So my vl will start and idle fine, idle can be a bit low when cold but besides that it's ok. After driving for about 15-20 minutes and the car gets warm, I've noticed that the gauge on the fuel pressure reg will drop to zero, the idle will also...
  2. R

    Serious problem that i can't get to the bottom of!

    FINAL UPDATE: The fuel tank was full of ****, which clogged the fuel pump. Cleaned the tank and replaced the fuel pump, now the car works perfectly. UPDATE 3: So i took my car to a mechanic, he said the problem was the MAF sensor, bought a new MAF sensor... Still has the same problem. I am...
  3. R

    Timing marks on the pulley are broken off

    So i have a VL Executive. I believe the timing is out of whack. I'm wondering how i can time it when the little marks on the pulley are actually broken off. I really would like to avoid buying a new pulley if i can because i've already spent more money on my VL than i really wanted to. Here's...
  4. Dutchman420NZ

    VL RB K frame into VP??

    Hi all, im a Holden noob I want to go all out and RB my 1992 3.8 V6 Vp ute. Does anyone know if the VL RB K frame will bolt strait into my VP? I want to use an old VL as a donor car and pick parts/wiring off that, what other factors do i need to consider when attempting this engine swap? Cheers
  5. M

    RB30E on engine stand

    Hey everyone, just wondering what would be the best bolts to use to hold a RB30E onto a engine stand? Thanks
  6. B

    Rb30 VS conversion wiring help..

    Hi guys im almost at the end of my RB30 conversion into vs caprice. Im having a bit of trouble with the wiring side of things. I have seen a few posts about this but cant seem to find any answers. If someone has worked this out and have a wiring diagram i could follow i would greatly appreciate...
  7. S

    VK with VL driveline Racecar project

    Gday, I have a 84 VK SL Sedan I am not far from being finished building for dirt circuit racing here in SA, and have a few teething issues just getting everything prim and proper with the steering and brakes before the engine and trans go in. Basically my question is first and foremost, directed...
  8. K

    VL Diff Upgrade Questions.

    Hey all. Just to state one thing before I go any further. I'm only just starting to learn about working on cars, but have a bit of knowledge, currently studying Cert 3 Auto (First Year Apprentice). I've been doing a bit of reading and obviously all the Borg Warner BW75 / 78 series internals...
  9. S

    VL turbo or supercharge

    i have a vl calais, RB30 (manual obviously) and im looking for some recommendations on superchargers or turbos as well as what ill need to do so and the problems i should look out for. thanks
  10. I

    Vl rb30 manual gearbox

    I just filled it with 4l of oil. Read the specifications on line and I They seem to recommend only 2l. What should I do? Also can someone explain how the shifter goes in. It clips in and there's a white ring that sits in there with a metal c shaped run with holes in it. Then I have another...
  11. T

    RB30 - Big problem

    Hi guys. I'm new here, but the rust bucket I've just brought tells me I'll be here quite often. She's a 89 VL Royale - RB30e. When you give it a bit of gas, even just a little, it splutters, coughs, and sometimes dies - and smoke comes out the pod. The worrying thing is, the belts...
  12. D

    In the hunt for some GRUNT!

    Hey guys. I have an RB30 N/A sitting in my shed on a stand waiting for me to tear it to pieces. Now initially I had planned to simply strip it down and give it a basic rebuild for two reasons. 1- The motor hasnt exactly had the easiest of lives, so it could probably do with one. 2 - Ive need...
  13. A

    rb25 heads on rb30

    hey guys, i have a 88 vl non turbo and have heard a few things about putting (as the title says) a rb25 head on a rb30 block. what's the difference in doing so, is it just bolt on, and most importantly is it even worth it?... also, what other bolt on mods will go nicely? currently have larger...
  14. T

    [VIC] ***VN CUSTOM PARCEL SHELF*** + other commodore parts

    ITEMS: Custom vn parcel shelf 6x9s plus sub $60 ono ALSO: 2x Chrome alloy 6 1/2inch wide BMW interceptors (fits commodore) $50 2x black (painted) 6 1/2inch alloy BMW interceptors (fits commodore) $40 VK front bar in excellent condition $50 VL engine parts (complete from AFM to gearbox...
  15. S

    88 VL Executive

    Gday, I'm very interested in buying a 1988 VL Executive 3Litre Auto N/A. It's all standard - no mods. Interior is immaculate and the outside is schmicko. Pretty much mint condition throughout with 207xxx kms on it. Even still has standard cassette player haha. I'm thinking of a few cheap mods...
  16. shaunington

    [VIC] or [QLD] WTB: VL Manual Conversion Kit (or parts)

    ITEM: VL Manual conversion (either a full kit, or individual parts, I don't mind) LOCATION: Melbourne or SE Queensland areas preferable, but am flexible. PRICE: Depends what you've got, make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pickup from seller, or meet somewhere. PAYMENT...
  17. V

    [VIC] '89 r31 Nissan Skyline

    '89 r31 Nissan Skyline *PRICE DROP* ITEM: Nissan Skyline LOCATION: VIC, Brunswick (Car is in NSW, Byron Bay for the next month) YEAR: 1989 SERIES: R31 RB30E BADGE: GXE 3.0 ENGINE: 3L 6CYL RB30E TRANSMISSION: 4 speed Auto COLOUR: Champagne EXTERIOR CONDITION: OK, missing...
  18. <atomicL93>

    [SA] VL calais bits, sports steering wheel, RB30 series2.

    ITEM: -VL calais grey rooflining. -VL calais grey sunvisors. -VL calais rear quarter window inside surrounds. -VL calais front kick panels. -Momo Millenium Style sports steering wheel SOLD. -RB30 block series 2 (has bits for oil feed/drain for turbos) just the block no head or hot side, was...
  19. vlmitch

    [WA] VL RB30 5speed conversion

    ITEM: I have a VL Rb30 5speed conversion. is still in car at this point. every thing is there exept the manual computer, think it has h/d clutch (not certain)... LOCATION: Perth WA CONDITION: Used PRICE: $600 in car, $700 if you want me to take it out. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD...
  20. P

    RB30 into a VH - Need wiring diagrams

    Hey all, I've just finished the mechanical part of converting my old VH to RB30E power. I dropped out the old blue 5 cylinder beasty (one gave up the ghost) which kinda forced my hand on the conversion. Used the VL K-frame and now the VH is basically a VL underneath - gearbox, diff, front...