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  1. S

    Rb30et fuel

    Hi all hoping someone can help me with the problem. So my vl will start and idle fine, idle can be a bit low when cold but besides that it's ok. After driving for about 15-20 minutes and the car gets warm, I've noticed that the gauge on the fuel pressure reg will drop to zero, the idle will also...
  2. Twitcha007

    Vl turbo won't rev past 4000-4500rpm

    Hey guys ive got a problem with my vl turbo , it doesn't seem to won't to rev out past 4500rpm in any gear. Ive replaced spark plugs with bcpr7es with 0.8 gap, changed fuel pump to brand new genuine bosch 044, changed fuel filter, replaced coil with a ice 4100. Nothing seems to work , car runs...