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  1. Ballzup

    Respray Costs

    Hi all, I'm after a bit of info regarding the cost of a respray. I have a vh SLE that's never been in an accident. Some surface rust on the boot, bonnet and roof. Deeper rust just in the top of the boot jam and the battery plate. One larger dent under the drivers door and a few...
  2. J

    Vn commodore

    Hi, Ive recently picked up a 91 vn but its my baby. Finally got her on the road but she still looks shoddy with the faded arse red. Just wondering if anyone knows of rough costs to have a decent metallic thrown over her, ive been contemplating the idea of a harliquin purple with gold flakes :D
  3. J

    Bodykit for Vn

    I recently picked up a shoddy VN for $500 as my first actual road car and have gotten it up an on the road but i cant stop there, im enjoying tinkering with it too much haha. I saw a VN the other day with what appeared to be a vt cluby bodykit on it, just wondering if they actually fit or...