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rear bumper

  1. G-Wizard

    Series 1/2 body compatibility

    Hi all, I purchased a red VE SS sedan series 1 a few months ago with a bit of body damage. I am looking at replacing the following parts through second hand buys/wreckers. -Front Bumper - I am aware through researching here that S2 front bars are not compatible with the S1 due to the lights and...

    [SA] WTB: VY VZ SS Rear Bumper

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: I'm after a VY VZ SS Style Rear Bumper in Heron White LOCATION: Gawler, South Australia CONDITION: USED or NEW DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pick up the item. Prefer to be located within 50kms of Gawler, SA but may travel further depending on...
  3. K

    Bumper- Plastic Welding or Epoxy

    I have an 09 Grange and some &%$T in something large has given my back end a kiss. all is easily sorted, except the lower rear bumper, which is cracked. I need to work out if the rear would require epoxy or plastic welding to repair?
  4. Dom27

    Calais reflector bar in exec bumper

    If I buy one of these Will I be able to swap it with the existing strip in my exec's rear bumper?
  5. jayden.2.2

    [VIC] WTS: Genuine G8 Rear Diffuser *BRAND NEW*

    ITEM: Genuine G8 Rear Diffuser LOCATION: Victoria, Bendigo Region CONDITION: BRAND NEW PRICE: $80 ONO + Postage DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or Courier PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Paypal? (if it works that way?) CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: TO...
  6. D

    Rear ended...

    Hey guys i got rear eneded last night and i was just wondering how much a vt ss rear bumper would cost? Oh and also the plastic covering on the boot (behind the number plate in between the back lights) that got all crackd up, how much would that cost? Cheers
  7. C

    wagon rear bar help

    hi everyone.. just a quick question... would a vz stock standard rear bar, fit on a vy series 1 wagon as a replacement, as some inconsiderate idiot decided they didnt know how to park in my work place car park and left me with a lovely/dint scratch on mine, and there is one on ebay that im...