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rear main seal

  1. Alcyone

    Coolant Leak Bellhousing - Rebuilt not started

    I had a look on the forums and found this problem but not where someone had just rebuilt the engine and put coolant in without starting. My first thought was the rear main seal, gasket or housing but then I read that it can also be from the intake manifold gasket. Had just put in approx 9L...
  2. U

    [VT-VX] Water Leak Between Engine & Gear Box

    If you have an over heating problem or a oil leak between your engine and Gear Box you will find you may have to replace the rear main seal and plate, this job can be done by one person. I made a Video with a quick overview. how to fix a over heating issue on a Holden commodore, Berlina...
  3. D

    L67 rear main seal

    Hey everybody! Got a curious one for you, just to see if anyone knows before I ring Holden back and ask them during daylight hours. I've got an L67 and I bought a new rear engine plate for it from Holden. It comes with the rear main seal installed already, but it's actually in backwards...
  4. S

    vn rear main

    hey, i have a series 1 vn v6 motor, i know, they suck, but it was there when i bought it, i'm trying to replace the rear main seal, but i'm having trouble locating one, holden say they're obsolete, so i tried repco, i got a 2 piece rubber one which didn't fit, then they gave me one for a vp with...