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rear spoiler

  1. G-Wizard

    Series 1/2 body compatibility

    Hi all, I purchased a red VE SS sedan series 1 a few months ago with a bit of body damage. I am looking at replacing the following parts through second hand buys/wreckers. -Front Bumper - I am aware through researching here that S2 front bars are not compatible with the S1 due to the lights and...
  2. B

    how to rear wing a vp?

    got a rear wing from a 95 lexcen (3 mounts with led stop light) wanna put it on a 92 vp whats the best way to mark up bolt holes in boot lid? racking my head trying to position it any ideas?
  3. J

    carbon fibre rear spoiler

    hey guys i want to get a carbon fibre spoiler for my car, only problem is my car is white and im not sure how a CF spoiler would look. what are your thoughts?
  4. M

    [ACT] Holden Lumina VX II 2001 rear spoiler in colour "quicksilver" needed

    Hi there, The rear spoiler has come off our Holden Lumina and I need to track down another one as they cost about $600+ new from Holden. :-O Apparently the spoiler for the Lumina was just made for this model, so other spoilers don't fit, but I am far from an expert on this stuff - just...