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rear window

  1. K

    Quarterlight window screws

    Hi. I have just had to replace the quarterlight on my VT. The one that was in the door looks like it was an aftermarket one as there were no screws holding it in and the blocks that the screws go into on the OEM window were not on the one that I had to replace, so the screws are not present...
  2. assaulted peanut

    rear louver

    hey everyone ive just joined, but im really curious where to find a rear louver for my vt?? not the aunger one, its just a shade type thing at the top, its factory and is on a clubby, grange or something, really think it would suit the look of my car. thanks everyone!
  3. Jet_Mr_Zed

    Vx S-pack Rear Window Aerial Help!!

    I have a 2002 Holden Vx S-pack, and it had the old nokia mobile phone kit with it! Ive pulled everything out of the dash like the phone cables and a random modem looking thing, and also a loudspeaker thing in there! On the back window there is an extra aerial though, and i have my suspicions...

    rear window, glitter/crystally stuff?

    Hey guys, Just noticed that my rear window seems to have some stuff on the inside of it, it got a cloth and tried to get some off, it looks like a glittery sort of thing. Any idea how it got there? also i can't get it all of either =/ can probably get a pic up if you wanna look and dont...