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  1. V

    Rear window

    Hi guys, So, my ride. I have issues with the rear demister. I've changed the fuse/ relay and the thing isn't working. I've noticed that my tint is a bit old and needs replacement. Could anyone recommend any ideas besides turning on the heater lol. Cheers
  2. 1

    5 x VE REAR K-frame questions...

    I have a 2010 VE HSV GTS with a stuffed rear K-Frame. so before I investigate some wreckers... and plan is to source a replacement and swap over the internals (ie: diff, disks, MRC etc..) Q1.. Is the HSV unit beefier than the std VE's K-frame? Q2.. Will a different year VE K-Frame fit the 2010...
  3. N

    Rear clunking sound when hitting bumps!

    A new day, a new problem in my commie. I have bought and fixed everything that's related to the undercarriage of the car, and that includes control arms, most of the bushings, engine & tranny & diff & suspension mounts, etc... Now, I hear a squeaking coming from the rear left side when driving...
  4. N

    Rear seat clips, where to find?

    Hey all, so a while ago I was putting my rear seats back in my car and they wouldn't sit right, so genius me thought it'd be a good idea to plant my ass onto the seat to line it back in place. I ended up breaking one of the two plastic clip things that hold the seat to the chassis. I've decided...
  5. D

    VZ Rear brake issues

    Hi all, great to be here and hoping to be able to contribute in some small way eventually. I am having some issues with the RH rear brake on my 05 VZ SS crewman specifically the outer pad keeps wearing into the caliper bridge, dropping down and starts wearing into the handbrake drum section of...
  6. S

    How to remove 3rd brake light on VZ wagon?

    I was just wondering how you remove the 3rd brake light, i did try to unscrew the two screws in it but the screws are just spinning because they are plastic ****. Any photos on how to do it as well would be good! Thanks.
  7. S

    How to remove rear windscreen wiper?

    Ok so I got the first two off fine but I can't seem to get the rear off and I don't want to brake it. Any ideas? I have taken the bolt out. http://s1300.photobucket.com/component/Download-File?file=%2Falbums%2Fag93%2Floltrain9876%2Fimage_zpsz73jwfro.jpg
  8. V

    After market Rear Tail lights

    Hey, this is my first post :) I'm wondering about after market rear lights, I was looking on eBay and found two I like but don't know which to choose. Maybe you guys have it on your car or any other ones that look great. My car is white so black ones will preferably look better. First one...
  9. xDriiftPrincess

    How do you install a 4 point rear adjustable toe and camber kit?

    I have a '95 VS Calais and was just wondering how hard it is to install a rear toe and camber kit? Do they need to be pressed? Special tools? Basically everything I need to know to install them! (: Cheers guys!
  10. nickkp

    Rear bumper falling off

    VS series 2 ute, Huge gap between rear bumper and tail lights, does anyone else have this and could tell me how to fix it or link me? thanks:thumbsup:
  11. H

    [VE] Changing/accessing tail light assembly on Sportwagon

    Thought I'd do a video to remove some of the guesswork. Enjoy... <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/_uVDPPzrHzs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. V

    VX vibrations from rear

    Hi guys I just moved to Australia, and buying a Commodore seemed like the only way to get the full Aussie experience out of the 6 months I'm here! But there are troubles in paradise, and since I don't know any mechanic I can trust on this continent, I hope that you can help me out:) So, I...
  13. S

    [NSW] WTB VS Commodore - whole car or rear bumper

    DESCRIPTION: Vs commodore or rear bumper ITEM: I'm after a vs commodore (cheap ie 1000 of under) for parts for mine. Either that or I need a rear bumper plus the reinforcing behind it. LOCATION: Exeter, NSW, 2579 CONDITION: Most probably used as its an older car. DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  14. JoshuaHolmes

    Antenna mounting brackets

    Hi all Excuse me if this has been asked, but I have searched high and low and have not been able to find anything. I am looking for mounting brackets for the boot of a VE SV6 for mobile/amateur radio. I have noticed the Highway Patrol vehicles have ones that go up, forward and out to keep...
  15. Scheme

    Removing stiff stock rears

    Does anyone know of any helpful tips or methods Other than Spring Compressors? for removing stock rear springs from a VN wagon, their stiff as **** and I cannot for the life of me, pull them out by hand.
  16. T

    ve noise

    ok i just bought a 60th anniversary ve commodore and there's a weird swirly windy noise coming from the right rear passenger door i think thats where its comming from we went back to holden and they couldnt find the problem anyone know what it is
  17. BigBoss

    Rear badge ideas?

    Hey all I want a badge on the back of my car but not just the basic lion, something a little special i think. Any suggestions?
  18. J

    [SA] VE omega/SV6/SS Brake Lights/Lamps

    ITEM: VE SV6/SS Brake Lights/Lamps DESCRIPTION: Factory red brake + indicator lamps for VE. bulbs included. CONDITION: perfect condition PRICE: $50 all together for both. TRANSIT: pick up only. based in bedford park, adelaide.
  19. speed__demond

    vr rear clicking noise when turning??

    i have a vrII wagon and when i turn right and somtimes left i can hear a clicking noise coming from the rear left wheel... what is it?
  20. southaussie

    question ! VY-VZ rear bumper fit VT?

    hey people, new member and hope to stay, searched through FAQ and could find my answer. so i am posting.... Q. Does a vy-vz rear bumper go straight on to the rear of a vt? it doesnt look that different. but i have been fooled before when i had a VH and tried to put a VK front bumper on ...
  21. C

    [QLD] Fs: Ve sv6 rear mufflers. Genuine pair

    ITEM: Pair of GENUINE Holden SV6 rear mufflers (SEDAN). LOCATION: Brisbane QLD CONDITION: Used, in very good condition. No dents. Only fitted for 40,000kms. (Removed only due to upgrade, stored safely and collecting dust.) PRICE: Make an offer, nothing reasonable refused!! DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  22. Kierab

    Calling all panel beaterzzzzz

    how much do you reckon getting this fixed would set me back not too worried about the bumper, can live with the crack, but yer, the rectangle panel under the rear right light is pretty messed i was quoted 500 for the panel, bumper, all painted anyway, heres the pics
  23. N

    [VIC] Wtb vl disc rear end

    DESCRIPTION: Want To buy ITEM: hey guys & gals, im after a disc rear end for a VL, can do without diff centre but must have everything else, and please no rusted out useless pieces must be minimum good condition LOCATION: im located in bacchus marsh, (west) VIC, but will travel...
  24. fishguy

    VX v6 Coolant Leak from Rear of Engine

    Hello Members, My lady's high k's, 310,000km, otherwise mint, 00VX v6 , Berlina wagon has just started leaking coolant from the rear of the engine, very slow drips really and noticable as the glycol green water gathers and drips from the outer corners of the stone guard plate between between...
  25. richardpalinkas

    rear muffler vs front muffler

    hey people, i had a 2 1/2 sports exhaust installed (3.8L auto VX) a few months back, with no front muffler and a rear reso, and dont like the note, sounds too smooth and just not grunty enough. just wondering your thoughts on what sounds better for loudness and performance wise coz im thinking...
  26. clarmatt

    how to remove rear and front bumpers

    hey, im about to buy a vx bodykit for my vs i was wondering how to take off the rear bumper and front bumper. also do the side skirts just go straight on or do i need to pull anything off. sorry if stupid questions, first car just got it last week :D