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  1. J

    Hi guys, have header questions.

    Have an LS1 WK Statesman and I really need to wake it up a bit. Just wondering whether there would any real difference going for a 4 into 2 into 1 headers or should I get 4 into 1's. I can get these for $250 (trying to keep the wife happy and not spend much). Should I spend more and get...
  2. M

    Catback system

    Hi guys, new to the forums and to commodores (not too cluey with car's) the first mod i wanna do is make it sound grunty with that slow wind to it, i've heard 2.5 inch redback systems on youtube and it sounds great my vs commodore / new exhaust - YouTube any suggestions for where to...
  3. C

    Exhaust help please easy answer but I don't know

    So I know there's helps of threads on this but none are clear on what I want so it's come done to this I have a sv6 ve ute 08 so non sidi I know people will be like dont waste money n that but what is best a full redback exhaust or a full hurricane exhaust please help will mean a lot!
  4. boojak87

    [VIC] 2.5" twin straight through exhaust pipes

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: G'day guys and gals. I've currently got a twin 2.5" Remus system on my LS1 however the rear resi was designed strictly for performance, meaning it sounds pretty much stock and it's really annoying me! I'm after a twin straight through rear section with chrome...
  5. taylormade93

    Vt exhaust upgrade!

    Im looking at upgrading my VT series 2 executives stock exhaust system to either a Redback 2.5" or Lukey 2.5" I have read a few threads talking about VT exhausts and it sounds like having the one muffler and catback with a straight through 2.5" pole running straight through is the best way to...
  6. B

    Redback or Lukey? (exhausts)

    i'm keen to get a exhaust system for my vt but not to sure on what would sound better and be more reliable.. what would be best??
  7. D

    [Ecotec] VT S Commodore 2 1/2 inch Red back Pricing

    Hey guys I just got a quote today for a 2 1/2 inch red back From the headers with a new muffler (I think) With an oval angle commodore tip . For $430 , He said the noise would sit on 88 db to 91 and said id still give you a certificate saying that the noise is legal . I was wondering if...
  8. H

    [Question] Will a vl redback exhaust fit a vk.

    G'day, just bought a fuel injected vk and I love 2.5" redback exhausts (cat back). I cant seem to find any for a vk, only vl and upwards... just wondering if a vl one will bolt onto a vk.. as far as i kno theres F all difference... they basically look the same besides the front headlights and a...
  9. M

    redback exhaust...and lame excuse by mechanic

    hi ,i had a redback single cat exhaust with a rear resi fitted on my vy v6 auto (dual fuel), its an off the shelf model and before i had it fitted the exhaust guy said that it wont drone as he is gonna put the rear resi with twin outs , but after getting it fitted it bloody drones alot when i...
  10. tdirago

    VX Exhaust System - REDBACK 2.5" CAT BACK EXHAUST

    Looking at getting a new exhaust system and currently on P's so cant really be bothered spending any dosh on the extractors. I have a VX executive Was it the correct to choice to pick the REDBACK 2.5" CAT BACK EXHAUST? Like i've been to a few muffler places and they say they're all the same...
  11. DAVIDC

    3 inch Exhaust Vs. 2.5?

    Hi everybody (hi doctor nick), Just a few questions about exhausts. I've been doing some research about them and everyone is pretty set that the 2.5 is the way to go for sound and power (although some say 2.25) or even twin 2.5's. I get why this is the case due to back pressure and exhaust...
  12. T

    Vx help

    Hey im out looking for an exhaust for a VX commodore ive heard a mates which is a 2.5 redback but because i dont know much about this kind of thing i might need some pointers and tips also wondering how much it would cost to fit airbag suspension thanks blokes!
  13. Harrison

    quote for exhaust seems to cheap & will it drone?

    redback 2 1/2" catback exhaust to suit 04 VY S2 exec. was quoted $380 installed with rear sports muffler or $320 installed with straight through pipe. ($420 with twin but i dont want my car to look like something it isnt) i can get any of it $40 cheaper to install myself but am unfamiliar with...
  14. C

    Holden Commodore VS Exhaust Prices

    Hey guys, just wanting to replace my stocko exhaust on my commodore VS with a sports exhaust from the cat, got told I dont need the cat replaced unless its screwed as Im looking more for the sound not performance. So what I was looking at was a 2.5" sports exhaust from the cat with muffler, and...