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  1. Gw33dz

    VX Commodore Another Power Window Dilemna

    G'day. Bought a second hand VX S Pac. Had a drivers window problem. I bought new window regulator sliders and went to install them. Both of the old sliders were snapped but the drama is this... The window was stuck down but the regulator arms with the ball joints on the end were extended all...
  2. M

    Driver door won't open from inside

    Hi all, Got a VY wagon. I feel like a proper idiot. The wife was complaining how the power window on driver side wouldnt go up. So I just assumed it was the regulator. Bought one, fitted it and still wasn't working. Little did I know, all it was, was a bloody clip on the power window switch...
  3. lifel355

    Electric Windows

    Is there a secret trick to getting the ball into the slider? The regulator arm has disconnected itself. The pictures will be able to show you what I mean rather than me try explain it. The ball on the arm has to go inside this hole. This is the ball on the arm, it's just sitting inside the...
  4. R

    VX V8 LS1 fuel pressure regulator, on the rail or in the tank? fuel pressure issue.

    Hey guys, I have a fuel pressure issue with a VX SS LS1 V8. Fuel pressure is low on the gauge when tested and as soon as the pump stops priming the fuel pressure drops rapidly. Is the pressure regulator next to the fuel pump in the tank or is it on the fuel rail on the passenger side of...
  5. D

    Power Window Conversion in a 98 Executive

    Hey Guys (and possibly girls) I've decided that i'll keep my VT for another two years before i upgrade and one thing that has always bugged the living **** out of me was the manual windows. I have been sifting through the various posts on here about conversion, problems, fixes, and the...
  6. M

    Window regulator VX manual wind - Perth

    Hi guys, Just wondering the best place in Perth to buy a drivers side front door regulator for a manual wind window ? I have looked online but everything coming over from east costs $20+ for postage. Not too keen on a scrap yard seconds, rather just put in a new unit so don't have to do it...
  7. D

    Power Window Problem

    My front passenger side window is coming up on 45 degree angle. Any suggestion as to why this could be happening? And is it easy to fix and how do you go about fixing it?
  8. K

    replacing door windows

    both left door windows got smashed and i am trying to put new windows in. i already removed the door cards, speakers, the water deflector but am i meant to remove the window regulator or not. i really dont want to start drilling them rivots out. also one of the replacement glass has the metal...
  9. D

    [VIC] WTB Vx Window Reg's - Door Looms

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: All 4 Electric Window Regulators And door Looms for a Vx Series 2 LOCATION: Victoria - Western Suburbs CONDITION: Doesn't Bother DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash $$ CONTACT DETAILS: TXT 0405333061 OTHER...
  10. VS5spdV6uteowner

    possible fuel pump problem? please help!!!

    :bang:my vs ute isnt starting anymore, but before this happened i would have a problem where if i put the foot down just even a bit the fuel would cut off and id end up stalling, this eventually got worse and would happen if i tried to baby it. Now it wont crank over. When i go to crank it i...