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  1. F

    VE v6 tuning and longevity / reliability

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience and feedback regarding tuning a v6 alloytec. I was thinking of getting an OTR, tune, cams and maybe an exhaust (very big maybe on the exhaust). Im not really after power figures as such but just to change up the ride i suppose. I...
  2. A

    Upgrading from VE to VF

    I'm looking at possibly upgrading from a 2006 Calais 3.6 to a VF II SV6 or Calais 3.6 - my new job is very heavy on driving and I'm considering the upgrade for the sake of reliability. I've had my VE for 2 years and it's now approaching 12 years old (137,000km) - has been mostly reliable but has...
  3. D

    Quick Questions : 2010 SSV Manual Sportwagon

    Hi guys, Good day to you. Im new here and i am actually going to put a deposit down this Friday for a 2010 SSV Manual Sportwagon. Before i do that - just wanted to see if any of you guys have any negative comments about it. So that i will know what i am getting myself into - i have...
  4. 06Calais

    Reliability / Durability Thread

    I want to get a thread started for reliability and Durability. While I wont say no to a performance increase, I am largely after reliability and durability increases. There are quite a few things I need in the next few weeks and Id like to know what others have bought and how they went. I...
  5. T

    Thinking about getting my first Commodore VL

    Alright peeps, Just been reading all about the Commodore VL on the internet and can't find anywhere what MPG i should expect. Firstly, I should explain that one is a pom and the thought of running a 3.0l v6 is slightly terrifying. Especially, when my car back home is a Renault Megane CC...