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  1. bazinga

    [WA] WTB vt commodore

    DESCRIPTION:Wanted to Buy ITEM: running,reliable,lisenced,decent km's,no major damage,motor gearbox and diff in good condition. LOCATION: perth marangaroo CONDITION: used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will not drive anymore then 1 hour out of my way but can meet half way...
  2. K

    Trustworthy mechanic to work on my car?

    anybody know of any decent mechanics around where they can work on my car, not charge thru the nose but do a good job? western suburbs (st albans/lakes)
  3. vr.calais

    Super Charging A Stock VR V6

    Just wondering what goes on with Supercharging a V6, and how much work would need to be done to the engine to make it a relaible setup... and the potential costs behind doing it... inc labour!