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remote locking

  1. J

    Drivers door won't unlock with key or central locking/unlocking device

    Have had no issues until a few days ago. When i try and unlock the car remotely, I have to do 2 clicks to open passenger door as the drivers door won't unlock remotely or with the key. Once I have climbed across to the drivers seat, I can't unlock by pulling up the knob on driver side door. The...
  2. V

    Hazard Lights, Boot, and remote locking

    okay guyssss... my hazard lights wont work.. my indicators still work. there is no fuse broken for the hazard lights. and i cant use the button on my keys or the button in the glove box to open the boot, it just makes a clicking noise at the fuse box. as well as when i use my remote locking...
  3. S

    Drivers Door not locking with Remote 98 VT.

    Hey All. brought a VT V6 couple weeks back. Drivers door lock does not work with remote, but does work putting key in barrel and turning it. all other doors work fine with remote. anyway I took the door card off and up inside behind the key barrel there are three wires which have come free...
  4. Aarony92

    VN remote locking connection to hazard lights

    hey me and my buddy are installing an aftermarket remote locking kit from supercheap, and it got me thinking if it was possible to wire the kit to flash when unlocked and locked like OEM remote locking kits. I thought maybe if a relay was connected through the wires from the driver's side...