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  1. R

    Key or the car?

    VT Commodore sedan. New 3 button genuine key from locksmith $99 supplied using key code and BCM code. Key turns the door and ignition locks and starts the engine - no problem there. Learning the remote. Key in ignition dash lights on (doors closed) - wait for 30 seconds then start the engine...
  2. G

    vp wont start in hot weather (very strange )

    Hi Guys I have this problem when the weather is very warm and the car has been sitting in the sun. When i press the remote the doors unlock and the flashing light goes off on the console, but the car wont turn over to start it. I try to press the remote a few times but nothing, i have to open...

    [QLD] 2 x Eco 42" white Ceiling Fans (with light & remote control)

    ITEM: 2 x OpalAir Eco 42" 3-Blade Ceiling Fan with light (white) with remote control LOCATION: North Brisbane, QLD CONDITION: Brand New (box still sealed) PRICE: $140 each (Retail $195) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash or Bank Deposit CONTACT DETAILS...
  4. B

    PLEASE help ?? - BCM - solar sensor remote receiver problem i think

    Hi there, My keys remote buttons do not unlock / lock the car, however manually in the door the key unlocks and locks the car no worries, and the car runs fine. Ive had a locksmith try and program a new key head , however he couldnt program it to the BCM, so ive replaced the BCM and PCM...
  5. C

    How to change the battery in the key remote?

    Hi I know this probably sounds stupid, but the battery has gone flat in my remote, which causes the alarm to turn on because it isn't being disarmed properly etc. I have had Falcons and Magnas in the past and it's just been a case of buying a battery for a few dollars at Big W, opening the...
  6. vscom88

    installed 2 amps but no power?

    Hey, i just replaced my 4ch pioneer amp after all but 1 channel mysteriously went while re wiring everything. i replaced it with a 4ch kenwood amp, i have wired up all 4 speakers to there channels, done the remote, ground and power wire and now neither amps are getting power?\ i had a spare...
  7. blindworld1

    new lock and keys

    Helllooo (: I was wondering, well I accidentally put my key in the hole and like turned it right yeah? and it like deadlocked and then I couldn't turn it back and was like OMG you know? Well anywayz I took like the whole lock out and also my ignition lock thingy like the one that you put...
  8. B

    door handle not working

    My VX dirvers door is not opening when unlocked with remote. Will unlock when key is used. Looks like the door is not popping up enough when used with remote. Any idea's on what needs to be done?
  9. MattyC

    Door lock Jam's

    Hey guys, I have a series II VT S 1999 and when i unlock the doors with the remote the front left door unlocks but it wont open because i have to still flick it up like 2mm's for it to fully unlock. Does anyone know how I can fix it - this has only happened from yesterday night. Cheers.
  10. markER717

    Is it my car or..

    Its really weird when I go to open my garrage with my remote, it interferes and will not open the door. I think it might have something to do with the cpu or maybe the central locking. It works fine in mums lancer and dads hilux, but none of them are 'luxury' type cars like my calais they are...
  11. V

    changing remote keypads over??

    on a vz,does the remote have to be programmed by holden or can the car learn it itself??
  12. Nato B

    VS Key Problem

    Hey im in the process of purchasing a VS Vacationer... Now the old owner has told me that the main set of keys will unclock/start the car perfectly.. whereas the spare set will only unlock the car.. wont actually start it? any ideas as to what the problem is so i can sort it out straight away...
  13. D

    Keyless Entry Agian

    Allo All, I'm trying to work out if my keyless entry is not working because of the KEY or the car's reciever unit. The keyless entry stopped working a couple of yrs ago but I can still use the same key to start the car. Re Battery? Here's the question; Does the car key battery die in...