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  1. J

    Need instruction on how to take out hid kit

    I bought a car for my mum but it has a hid kit in it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to take it out and if I need to add or remove anything to put normal headlights back in. It seems to be just battery>ballast>bulb but I don't want to attempt anything without knowing if it is as...
  2. A

    Fitting a radio to VF Calais

    Hi all does anyone have any advice for a novice please? I would like to fit a ham radio to my VF Calais but have no idea how to remove interior trims. The radio has a detachable head unit, speaker and microphone that needs to mounted up front of the cabin whilst the main body of the radio is...
  3. D

    [General] How To Remove and Install the Harmonic Balancer on a VR Commodore

    Hey guys, The Harmonic Balancer on our 1994 VR Commodore was rattling and needed removing and replacing with a new one. After browsing the forums here & on youtube we decided we could do it ourselves, which we did successfully. So we thought we would share how we went about it. Parts...
  4. S

    Remove & Replace Catalytic Converters in 04 VY Exec series 2. Help Please!

    Hey Guys, Newbie here and I need as much help as I can get if you would be so kind! My cat converters need replacing. I havent an idea where to start and what equipment I'll need. Can anyone tell me what I will need? Do I need to replace 02 sensors or just clean them? What size cats should...
  5. esp_ryan

    Removing ute tailgate?

    Hi guys, just bought a new tailgate for my ute to replace the current one thats been damaged. I have had a go at taking it off myself and found the tub liner easy enough to take up, and to my understanding there are just 2 torx screws at either side supporting the tailgate and 4 bolts where...
  6. djdomohudson

    [VT-VX] HOW TO: Remove the garnish from a VT boot lid.

    I was having a bash today at seeing if I could remove the garnish from the boot of my VT and I got it no worries at all. So if you're a bit DIY-shy, this should help a lot. This guide is good for cleaning out all the muck behind there, and also for any mods you might want to apply to the...
  7. R

    VP Holden - Painting dashboard

    I have a VP ute, with the sh*t brown interior, I want to change the color of the dashboard to a more modern dark grey or black. How would I go about removing the complete dashboard for painting & restoration? Would it be quicker if I bought another dash, fix it up at my leisure & then when...
  8. J

    Brought Seats with side airbags. my car didnt come with them. should i remove them

    I brought some vz sv6 seat for my vx. the seats have side airbags in them but my cars old seat didnt have them. should i remove them as the plug is not connect to anything? or should i leave them in. and they shouldnt randomly deploy on me as hey are not connected.
  9. T

    Changing parking lights

    I just wondering who knows how to remove the front parking lights in a 2008 VE omega? Can't seem to take them out. tried twisting and puilling, no luck. Anyone have an idea?
  10. I

    Help how do i take out the vp cluster out?

    Hi i have a Vp berlina v6 which need the cluster replace as its buggered. I have a new Cluster to put in but have no idea how to remove the old one. Can some tell me how to remove it? Thanks heaps.
  11. Scheme

    Take off / Remove Towbar - Urgent!

    I have a Vn wagon and I just want to remove the towbar component itself which is helt in by 2 bolts as so if later I wanted to replace it, I can throw the length of tow-bar back in, fit it to the holes, by eye, and then throw the 2 bolts in. HOWEVER I cannot seem to get them undone, they're so...
  12. nalchlan

    removing engine with gearbox

    so my POS manual that i wasted 40 dollars on says that apparently to take out my ecotec i need to take my gearbox out too? i used some brute force and ignorance to take my motor out ...but apart from that is there anything evidence to suggest this book is correct? i plan to put my motor in...
  13. bmarriott.live

    Vx headlight removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the headlights in a vx executive, do i need to remove the front bumper. Thanks in advance
  14. A

    how to remove steering surround?

    i just brought myself a VT been driving it round. today i noticed the indicator was making the 'indicator flashing' noise but no indicators were active. i replaced the flasher can, but that did nothing. i also noticed small amounts of smoke comming from behind the steering wheel, so i reckon...
  15. JSTCOZ

    Remove windscreen washer nozzles?

    Hey guys, Just wondering how one would remove the windscreen washer nozzles on the front of the bonnet of the car? Got some new chrome ones to put on, instructions tell me how to connect them, but the first step is 'remove old nozzle', and i don't know how. :hmmm: cheers
  16. Z

    Removing supercharger from vz or vy?

    Hi, looking at purchasing a VZ or VY calais or S pack. most of which come with a supercharger and living in VIC , i have Green P Plates and not allowed to have a super or turbocharger :( has any removed a supercharger before? and if so how much and how complicated to remove it?